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Has anyone here ever (re)read your own old diary by any chance? how did it feel?

Asked by frolix (167points) April 27th, 2010

I found my old diary last night and read it. It made me feel emotionally disoriented I must say.. It’s good though for contemplation, or simply to remind you what a drama queen you were back then, or the other way around :)

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I am having to do a reflection paper for that synthesizes my personal development over the past year. Looking back over old journal entries I realize, not only am I capable of drama, I have a gift for repeating it. Sigh.

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I don’t have a journal, but once I was the subject of a dissertation on drama therapy. It describes a very personal journey: my becoming a mother. I often read it over, and sometimes it is like I’m reading about another person. There are things that I was very concerned with at the time, which are not a concern any more, and other things that haven’t changed one bit! I will always treasure it though, as I do the experience of helping create it.

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Life is cyclical. Notebooks from 20 years ago aren’t much different that notebooks today.

I see that I haven’t learned very much, which is unfortunate.

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Apparently I did not have a lazy bone in my body back then. I was doing something every night: fixing the car, moving a friend, dating, buying the house, riding the motorcycle.
Jeez when did I sleep?

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As much as I write, you’d think I would have kept a journal. Ha ha… I always got about five entries in and then never returned.

For a while, I did carry around a marble composition book and write down everything I thought and felt, but I always burned them when I finished. Gods, I was a drama queen.

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Yes and it felt very painful to realize how bad things were and how desperate I felt at the time. I felt sad that I stayed in such a emotionally damaging relationship.

Then there are the things I remember from childhood when I read these things. Probably stuff I really don’t want to remember.

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reading my old diary made me feel stupid for actually keeping that crap where someone could read it! I quickly burned it.

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actually made me realise how stupid I can be and how we are all susceptible to misinterpreting people’s actions and intentions. So many events seem dumb when viewed with the benefit of hindsight.

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Reading my old diary made me realize what a pompous idiot I was and I quickly destroyed the embarrassing evidence, not of my actions in the past, but of my foolish thoughts and terrible writing.

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I’ve had a couple of journals at different times in my life and I’ve always re-read them with considerable embarassment.

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Sad for that searching young woman and recognition of her in who I became.

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True, all the answers remind me of a quote, “We never really grow up; we only learn how to act in public.” Thanks guys for sharing your thoughts, appreciate it :)

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