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What's the better Q&A software for a library environment?

Asked by fcescm (9points) April 27th, 2010

I want to install a Q&A system in my library website, and I need advice about what software, better if it is Open Source, I could implement.

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@frdelrosario Please don’t be so dismissive. It’s easy to find a bunch of application x, but you rarely find the diamond in the rough on Google.

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Depending on your needs, perhaps a bulletin board or forum would do? Vanilla is simple, open source, and pretty well designed:

If you don’t have the traffic volume to require specific things like recommending questions to users, it’s quite possible that setting up a forum specifically for question asking is something that would work.

Good luck.

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You might want to look at some library websites that have such a feature, see how their Q&A works, and then contact the libraries whose fora you like for info as to their programming. I know several libray consortia have “Ask a Librarian” funtionality as does my library whose homepage is this.

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Janbb gives me a funny (but valid) idea. Go to a bunch of Ask a Librarian sites and ask the question.

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@jaytkay That is a fine idea!

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I am looking for Q&A systems, we already have a system for ‘Ask a Librarian’, as far I can see there is no library using this kind of resource. Thanks for your answers!

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