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How much in advance should you start planning for a Sweet 16?

Asked by Luna (220points) April 27th, 2010

My friends really think i should have a sweet 16 or something big for my 16th. i have about a year til im 16, but im really bad when it comes to choosing since i like alot of things and i dont even know where to begin. how much time would you say a person needs to plan out this kind of party?

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A month or two?

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I think that a year is too long. You might very well change your mind about what you like to do in that time.

@jfos has it right.

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@marinelife Not to mention who she wants to invite!

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15 years

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A year before is a good time to write down everything you’ll need. Once you have that, you’ll get a better idea of how much time you really need.

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@ChazMaz my aunt said the same thing!

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@marinelife i was thinking the same thing becuase im constantly changing my mind so it might take me a while to decide on whats just right….but a year might be too much time to think.

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Depends on how big it is, just like any party.

Are you inviting 15 people? 75? 200? For the record, yes- 200 people is ridiculous, but it happens! It definitely makes a difference. Never hurts to think and ponder on ideas early on, though.

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@Taciturnu i’m not inviting that many friends, but i have a LOT of family.

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Will Im was a year long well mi (15) birthday.

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