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I'm running out of antibiotics and can't get new ones in time. Is that a problem?

Asked by Vincentt (7993points) April 27th, 2010

In the hospital in Berlin I was told to take antibiotics for seven days, I got a prescription and was told to come back in three days. When I picked up the antibiotics I got ten pills, and had to take three a day.

Then after three days I went back, and I was told I had to visit an eye doctor outside of the hospital on Monday (yesterday), and got a new prescription for antibiotics. Once again I got ten pills, and now I’m running out of those.

I’m back in the Netherlands now and, to visit an eye doctor, I first have to be referred by a GP. My appointment with the GP isn’t before Thursday. Meanwhile, I’m set to take the last pill in a few hours.

How bad is this? Is there anything I can do to get new ones in time?

Also, do these doctors even know what they are doing? How come one doctor tells me to come back in three days, but when doing so, I get told I should’ve gone to an eye doctor elsewhere? And why can’t Germans just speak English? Yes I’m frustrated :P

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