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Do you ever get so hungry but you don't know what you're hungry for?

Asked by andreaxjean (1268points) April 27th, 2010

I have this problem a lot. I get hungry but I’m so indecisive about what I want to eat to satisfy that hunger pain. A lot of times I end up not eating anything at all.

For those of you who have this problem sometimes, as well, what are your quick-fixes for indecision? In other words, when all else fails, do you have a go to food or a last resort?

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No, usually I know what I’m craving and know that I shouldn’t be having any of it, :).

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It sounds like you let yourself get too hungry before you eat. If you respond to your hunger signals earlier, you can probably think about what you want to eat and know what it is.

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Story of my life. I am always hungry…sometimes I know what I want, but sometimes I’ll get in a mood where either everything sounds good or nothing sounds good, so I can’t really figure it out. Tis frustrating. But eventually I just eat something and of course it’s great because it’s food and then I’m happy.

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@deni It doesn’t help, either, when you’re trying to watch what you eat. Everything that looks/sounds appetizing to me right now is horribly loaded with carbs and fat. Ugh.

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@andreaxjean hahahaha thats becuase 99% of what is appealing is carbs and fat :) Its why if i ever want to lose weight, i know not to even try. i cant stay away from sugar carbs or fat.

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I think I’m going to settle for a ham and cheese sandwich.

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Yes…and right now too!

Gotta get to work and am starving, maybe some sweet potato and beet chips and gouda in the car..I don’t eat normal breakfast stuff. lol

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When you graze every time you feel the hunger, there is of course the danger that you’ll get to heavy, so instead of eating a candybar, crisps, or a cheeseburger, you can still it by drinking a glass of water.
Or so i’ve heard.

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Bananas. when in doubt, eat a banana. its most of the time filling and the potassium is good for you. as you are eating a banana, maybe another good food thought will appear and you have resolved your problem. me

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I was going to suggest a Snickers. Ooops! Color me a sucker for advertising! Slinks away, head down.

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Yes, that is usually when the dog knows to hide.

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Yes, and then you eat somthing and thats not it, so you find somthing else, and thats not it. And now you’re full so it dosn’t matter anymore.

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I find that I’m looking through the fridge, trying to figure out what I want. I could make a sandwich, but that would take too long. I could do something sweet, but that’s not really it. I don’t want anything too complicated.

Usually I end up with fruit. That makes me feel good that it’s good stuff but not too sugary. Sometimes cereal does it. Other times toast. But what works best for me is pineapple. I love pineapple. It is satisfying in the mouth and it is sweet, and I’m told it makes parts of me taste sweet, too.

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There’s always cold chicken in my fridge but if I don’t fancy that then there’s usually a tin of cold ham I can sink my teeth into or I’ll fix some cheese on toast! :-/
Then I need a beer to wash it down with ;-)

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When I don’t know I go for the special K bars., a cup of iced tea, and maybe if I’m really hungry a bowl of milk and bananas.

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@andreaxjean Happens to me all the time! I typically never end up figuring out what I’m ‘craving’ so I end up eating an apple/pear/banana etc. I figure that if I’m hungry and nothing in particular is appealing, I might as well eat something healthy!

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For the record, I made a toasted ham and cheese sandwich with lime flavored taco chips and two slices of pickle. Oh how I love pickles. =]

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Lime flavoured taco chips!! :-/
Good grief! What a combination, I might just have one of those for my supper tonight, minus the taco chips & the pickles, they’d play havoc with my indigestion, Lol…. :-/

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