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I'm moving from NC to Sacramento, CA in June. The distance is the same for I-80 or I-40. Which is better?

Asked by TheRareVariant (13points) April 27th, 2010

Any thoughts on the best route? Driving time? Points of Interest?

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I-40 all the way in the summer

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I’d go with I-40. There are things to see on both drives for sure. I-40 gives you a nice drive up through California, while I assume your I-80 route would take you north through the Appalachians. But once you leave the mountains in Pennsylvania, I-80 if pretty much a whole lot of nothing, broken up by Chicago traffic, until you hit the Rockies.

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Yeah, I say 40 too. 80 and 70 are both pretty bland. A whole lot of nothing. Though in the summer the land is green and gorgeous but still, there’s not much there. Unless you really like Kansas. I’m driving home to PA from Colorado in a month and I am already dreading the 8 hour drive through Kansas. Stay away, you’ve been warned.

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The drive from Wyoming to Sacramento is worth taking I-80 imo. The scenery is breathtaking!

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I-80 across Illinois, Missouri and Nebraska is one flat boring drive.
I-40 Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle are about the same.

But the western part is stunning either way.

Would you rather see Wyoming, Utah and Nevada?
Or New Mexico and Arizona ( The Show Me Your Papers State!)?

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If you take I-40, try to see this and stay here. Both places are beautiful.

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@jaytkay Hmm, interesting. It could be dangerous to cross Arizona without proof of citizenship. Make sure you bring a birth certificate or passport (actually, since Arizona also has the birther bill, they might not accept a passport or a computer printed birth certificate like the ones Hawaii issues as proof of citizenship).

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i 80 I love the rockies…....

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70 is gorgeous through the rockies. especially in the summer. the rivers are raging and…its so beautiful. you should try and hook up with it at some point.

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I enjoyed I-80

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I-40 is about 65 miles longer. Not too much. Summer, I prefer I-80. I think the scenery is better.

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In the summer time, the Southern Route will probably be way too hot. I would prefer I-80 because you miss the worst of the high twisty mountain roads, (I 70) but the scenery is beautiful.

Be prepared for the trip to take longer than you expected, because the maps use an optimal road, with no delays, or traffic, and assume you are familiar with driving at the speed limit in all conditions.

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Consider the costs of hotel and gas along the way, the southern states have traditionally lower fuel prices than the northern states.

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I don’t know about I-80, but I-40 has more trucks than I have ever encountered on any other interstate.

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40 would be out for me, because I fear Texas.

80 is nice, but I would detour to 90, and see Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone.

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Welcome to Sacramento – several other Jellies live in the greater metropolitan area, and surrounding counties.

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I’ve been thinking and I think you should take I-80 simply because you can avoid Arizona, a state that shouldn’t get any of your money given their new racist immigration law and their similarly absurd birther law.

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