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Do you have a favorite alcoholic drink or shot? If so, what is it and how smooth does it go down?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11653points) April 27th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m getting bored with my cranberry and vodka drink. That’s always what I order at the bar. I’d like to be able to take some shots but I can’t handle anything too strong. (No jack, southern comfort, etc.) I once had a very delicious shot of something fruity and red but never asked what it was. What’s your favorite drink/shot? Any suggestions for someone who doesn’t particularly like the taste of strong liquor?

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I like wine. (Boring, I know.) I also do bacardi and diet on occasion.

I will tell you, a chocolate cake shooter can be absolutely DELICIOUS when prepared right… (They make a drink, too.) Tastes just like a gourmet chocolate cake!

EDIT: Pointsettias are delicious, too. (Combo of cranberry and champagne) Godmothers are yummy, but very sweet. (I tend to be more sensitive to sweet tastes than many people.)

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Sambuca is a great shot. Most bars have this brand.

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Gin and tonic with lime is one of my favorites.

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I could do shots of Goldschlagger all night. It’s SOOO good and even though it’s super alcoholic it doesn’t taste totally gross and way too strong like some do. It’s like the alcoholic drink equivalent of having a piece of Big Red gum lol.

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I am a bartender in a college town and I have two shots that the girls love. Royalfuck- Crown, peach schnapps, and a splash of cranberry….Orange Starburst- Bacardi O, orange juice and red-bull. Both of these shots are delicious and go down smooth.
For a great drink try a 77Sunset Strip- Vodka, rum, gin, triple-sec, pineapple juice a splash of sprite and some grenadine.

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My favorite mixed drink is a vodka7, which is just vodka and 7-up. Simple, yes, but good.

Shots that are mixed like hell that I like are Redheaded Sluts (the real thing is cool too) and Liquid Marijuana. And like @deni mentioned, Goldschlagger is magically delicious.

EDIT: Forgot one for you- A Carmel Apple shot, which is equal parts Apple Pucker and Buttershots. Tastes exactly like that old school carmel apple sucker.

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A well done chocolate cake or cheesecake shot is great and go down really smooth.

When I was in Australia I learned of the bit of magic called the Quickfuck… equal parts midori, kahula, and baileys, layered. It’s like candy that gets you drunk. Super smooth and if it’s made right it doesn’t taste like alcohol.

If all else fails, man up and do some Jager shots.

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I’m very much a cider girl if I am honest. That is usually my first choice when it comes to alcoholic beverages. I also love Malibu and Coke or Malibu and Milk (although that ones not easy to get in your average bar!!!), Bailey’s, Rum and Coke etc. I like sweet drinks.

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@boots I think that yummy shot I took was a red headed slut! It sounds like it and it’s red, right? Obviously. I’ll have to order that and see if that was the same thing.

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Alright, heres the part where I loose all my man points, but 3 olives Bubble is fucking delicious.

Its one of the only liquors i can drink straight without that EGHBLACH face after wards.

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@boots what is this liquid marijuana you speak of?

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@uberbatman Unfortunately, no THC. Total ripoff, right?

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well that much was obvious, but what is in it?
want real liquid marijuana, make some green dragon :P

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I have no clue what’s in it, but a quick google search brought me this.

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looks a lot like a hurricane

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Vodka on the rocks or as a Martini (plenty of Olives).

It does its job.

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For a “shot” I go with the Irish Car Bomb about as smooth as it gets in my opinion.

For a more sippin’ drink, a good Scotch or Irish whiskey is always nice.

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@boots That recipe looks like a blue hawaiian actually.

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Pineapple juice and coconut rum… It tastes like candy. You can even put more rum in it than pineapple juice and you still won’t taste the alcohol.

If you put jäger in this it’s called a Surfer On Acid.

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Baileys on ice nad it goes down very smoothly.

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I love straight whiskey.

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@wonderingwhy Good call on the Irish Car Bomb.

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I’m partial to a Dirty Gin Martini with extra olives.

My dad also makes an amazing Vodka Collins for a citrusy summer drink.

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Classic cocktails are classic for a reason—try a Sidecar:
1½ oz cognac or brandy
¾ Cointreau
¾ oz fresh lemon juice (not sour mix)

shake until chilled, serve in a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon wheel.

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Or a Maiden’s Prayer:
¾ oz gin
¾ oz light rum
¾ oz Cointreau
¾ oz fresh lemon juice

same as above.

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chocolate cake shot
buttery nipple shot

usually i just walk up to the bar tender and explain what i am in the mood for and let them make me something. it has always turned out pretty good :)

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also, an apple-tini

or a washington apple (both can be made in a shot form i think)

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someone mentioned the ‘quickfuck’

i like a shot known as a ‘cookie monster’ half baley’s half kahlua and topped off with a thin layer of 151 (bicardi rum) light the rum on fire, blow it out shoot! yummm

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I could sink a really good Gin and Tonic right now with a slice of lime and slice of strawberry to make it pretty… but my usual drink is a good red wine, fruity, deep and intense with a hint of spice…like me :-) x

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Dalwinnie single malt on it’s own has to be my top tipple, no ice, no water, just as straight as it comes out of the bottle, has to be the closest thing to heaven for me ;-) soooo smooth it just glides down…...

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I drink Vodka Cranberry and would have to say that my favourite shot is either Red Aftershock or Zubrowka ;-)

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Long Island Iced Tea! Yum!

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Canaidian club straight up. or sex on the beach is good.

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KGBs. are pretty delicious. The first time I had one I had no idea what was in it. I liked it to much I got another.
I like Jack and Coke too. It’s simple, I think it’s a little strong sometimes, but I like it. Plus, it was my first legal drink so it has a soft spot in my heart.
Jager bombs are good. Jager and Red Bull. I like Jager, but I guess a lot of people don’t. If you don’t like the taste of Jager don’t worry, the Red Bull masks it.
I like X Rated drinks too. I told my bartender friend to make me “something good and girly” once and he came back with the Kiss and Tell shot. Tasty.

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Crown Royal, on the rocks.

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Moonshine, firewater, Captain Morgan, Johnnie Walker,
Southern Comfort, mother’s ruin, happy hours of homeless brewing
Galloways sore throat expectorant,
after-shave and disinfectant,
Parazone and Fairy Liquid,
if it’s in a glass I’ll drink it
Anytime, anyplace, anywhere
there’s a wonderful world you can share

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Cognac XO goes down warm and smooth. If I had to call, Courvoisier, Hennessy, Remy Martin in that order.

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@njnyjobs—So true about Cognac XO, but once I have one, I’m zoned out for the rest of the night.

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@RareDenver GA for firewater. Most people I know have no idea what that is!

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Unfiltered Sayuri sake (frosted pink bottle)

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I usually drink beer (English real ale). If I’m drinking wine I prefer red; Merlot or Rioja. Hard liquor, I prefer single Speyside malt whisky with nothing but a splash of warm water.

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