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How long, could you stand to be away from your S/O for?

Asked by Sophief (6681points) April 27th, 2010

After something someone just said to me, I was thinking how long I could stand to be away from my s/o. I think the answer is not very long!

How do people cope in long distance relationships?

How often do you see your s/o? Is it enough?

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I don’t like to be away from him, at all. Once I lived in S.Africa for 5 weeks and that was torture but I guess that’s how long we can be away from each other. We began our relationship long-distance and from the day we first gchatted to the day he moved here, only a couple of months have passed.

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About twice a week. It’s not enough but it will have to do for now. The longest we have been apart was 2 months and there very nearly finished me off!

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Throughout high school all of my major relationships (very close friendships) were long-distance. I’m used to it. So I could probably deal with it longer than my SO could. Huh… Does that make me cold?

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When my boyfriend and I broke up for a month and a half, we didn’t see each other for the first three weeks of that which was not fun for either of us. I see him several times a week now and I miss him when he’s gone. :)

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Anything more than a few days once in a great while is tough. Even eating alone when she has a meeting or something isn’t fun.

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I’m good for about a week and then I get cranky. Not towards him, but towards other people.

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A week is a long time to be without him.

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I prefer to go no longer than a couple days. We were long distance for 3 months and that was plenty of time apart…not fun. not enjoyable. unpleasant. But if it had to be for a longer time for some reason, I would deal with it. He’s worth the wait.

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A few days. He occasionally goes away for work for a work week, 5 days at a time. I dread it. I’d probably last longer if we didn’t have kids that missed him, too.

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“How long, could you stand to be away from your S/O for?”
As long as necessary.

“How do people cope in long distance relationships?”
I don’t know how most people cope, but I just take things one day at a time. It’s really disheartening when I think about the fact that it will be ____ more months until I see him again. But it would be pretty pathetic if I couldn’t go a day without him. So, I just live today, and don’t worry about how many more days are between us. We talk when we can, we send each other texts and notes, and we just keep going.

“How often do you see your s/o?”
I see him twice a year, once in January and once in May. When we visit, we’re normally together for a week-and-a-half or two weeks. But the next time I see him will be three whole weeks!! Hopefully he will be able to get some time off work. It’s been this way for the last three years, but we are hoping that we only have one more year of it to go.

“Is it enough?”
That’s a tricky question. I miss him so, so much, and I can’t wait until we can actually be together for real instead of just a visit. When it’s a long time until the next visit, I feel like it will never come. I never go a day without wishing that we were together.
At the same time, we’re making it. At this point in our lives, being apart makes the most sense. We are committed to each other, and we know that eventually this will end. Our relationship is more than worth spending the long stretches apart.
So, I guess I would say that it is enough for now. I don’t like it, but it’s not the end of the world. However, I could not imagine living like this for the rest of my life.

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Here’s a bad thought: What if they were kidnapped or one of you were sentenced to prison.

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I don’t depend on anyone enough to miss them when they’re not there, I f I get lonely I just call a friend over or go visit a friend if they feel like entertaining! :-/
I prefer my own company through the week anyway but by the weekend I’m ready to be out & about socialising etc…. ;-)

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Sometimes I build up frustrations, and I think I need to get away for several days or weeks from my S/O. Then once a day’s half rolls by, I miss her and realize I love, need, and want her in my life no matter how irritated I feel.

There are days when time just seems to pass by without much contact because we are both busy, and neither of us are irritated. I hardly notice her absence, except when too much time has passed by without being present to one another. Re-connecting feels really good.

We started off as long-distance, and we’ve been living together for almost 3-years. Long-distance seemed to bring out more romance because we had to make the most of our time together. But, I’ll take living together over long distance any day – not because I don’t want to be alone (I can be, I do solitude just fine thank you), but because I find life to be more 3-dimensional and richly experienced because of being with her.

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As long as one is still having regular sex on the side, I think the amount of time a person can spend without their S/O is quite a long time. Perhaps a few months?

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Good question!

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I am a person that prefers to be alone half the time. Not that I’m a loner, I just like to have my peace a some point throughout the day. So, I think I could be without my significant other for at most two weeks before I really start to miss them and feel really lonely.

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I would hate to be away from him, but if I had to be, I could do. We went about a month without seeing each other, and it was hard but with webcamming/instant messaging and texting it wasn’t that hard.

I live with him, and even so, I feel like I don’t and could never get enough of him.

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About a week, then I start to get ansy O:)

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I could be away from her for quite a while, but only if I were with other people. I need to be with somebody most of the time. A few days I could stand. Maybe even a week. But after that I think I’d start going through withdrawal or something.

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I always hated it.

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My SO and I dated in high school and when it ended, I was heartbroken, but I moved on. I thought of him almost every day for four years until six months ago we reconnected and we are together again. He has always been the one for me and I have always known it. The longest I have been away from him since we have been together is two weeks and that was complete torture. I don’t care if I sound pathetic, but I hope I never have to be apart from him again. :)

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It’s hard! I’m saying a week tops. But I can’t help it when he’s got business trips which last a little more than a week. It was hard though barely getting through 2 weeks when he was stuck in London.

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Even though I miss everyday face to face contact, when we are doing a good job of staying connected, I actually enjoy alone time and times apart. I even find a week away (I wouldn’t like more than this) once a year and an over night once a month nurturing to myself and our relationship. Yet, when one or both of us feels disconnection in our daily living together, I find physical time apart unsatisfying and restless.

I have been known to end alone time to be with her, not because being away from her is hard, but because being away has shown me that I am feeling disconnection in our daily lives. I have a very low tolerance for that sort of being apart. I can’t even go half a day.

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More than two weeks and I start getting pretty damn emo.

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The longest we have been apart was a month, but if he was in the military or similar, I don’t think I would mind a few months now and then. Years would probably be bad.

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We’ve always been long distance for our entire 1 year and 7 month relationship. I’ve only seen him once. You do what you have to, even when you want to give up

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We barely made it a week.

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The longest we have spent apart was five weeks, but we spoke most nights on the phone. The longest without any communication at all was when she was overseas, and we couldn’t communicate for eight days. I don’t think I could cope with much more than that.

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When happily married then the longest we were ever apart was 3 days. In other live-in relationships, it was 9 days. With my current SO, we’ve been apart for a week straight and I didn’t like it at all. I find a lot of calm when with him and when I feel he’s open to me. There’s not much calm in my life otherwise which is worry is burdensome on him and something I want to work on to be so needy.

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The longest we’ve been apart was when I went to my grandmother’s funeral. I think it was 3 days. It felt so strange to be apart, since it never really happened before. I was just hospitalized for 5 days but he stayed with me for the first two nights then visited.
I miss him whenever we’re apart, even if I need a break..I still miss his presence.

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I’d rather not have to…. but she did go on a 3 week holiday to the US about a month after we started dating…. I was miserable the whole time.

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How long, could you stand to be away from your S/O for? As long as I had to be. I’d rather be in a relationship with my husband and have to spend time apart than not have him in my life at all.

How do people cope in long distance relationships? Same way people cope in any other relationship. You stay busy and remember that what you have is special and worth the wait.

How often do you see your s/o? Is it enough? When my husband and I were dating, the longest we went without seeing each other was 6 weeks. He is deployed right now so we haven’t seen each other in 4 months and we have several more months before his R&R and then several months after that before he comes home for it. It’s enough because we make the most of it and he is totally worth it.

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