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Don't you hate it when there's no follow up to old questions?

Asked by Zen_Again (9901points) April 27th, 2010

I keep seeing these old questions like “should I go to the hospital?” (well, did you?!?) and “will this kill me?” (well did it?!?)

People – you ask dramatic questions and keep us in suspense – at least have the decency to go back and write a follow up. Did it hurt? Did you live? Did you break up or get back together?

I wait with bated breath.

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i always follow up with my questions. my mother taught me well. but yes, i do find it annoying when others dont. WHAT GOOD IS THIS QUESTION TO FUTURE PEOPLE LOOKING AT IT IF YOU NEVER SAY IF YOU DIED FROM IT OR NOT?

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I do hate it. Sometimes I ask the questioner to report back in. Other times, I PM them.

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This does bother me a lot. Since fluther is such a community, I feel somewhat slighted when I give advice or chime in on a topic and then never get to hear what they’ve decided.

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I assume when there are no more answers to questions like that the problem has basically been solved and things are more or less OK.

It would be nice to get some follow up if you’re really concerned about someone, but it’s not that big of a deal for me. If I’m that interested, I’d probably PM them and ask.

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Maybe if the person doesn’t respond or post anymore, they died? ;-)

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I like it when people follow up, but I think we can cut the ones who died a little slack. :P

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@Dr_Dredd Beat me to it.

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Somehow my day manages to go on without closure on these brief moments of “I’m so emotional right now. Help me Internet!”

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@KatawaGrey i had never seen that thread before. i just read through it, and it is hilarious. i laughed especially loud when someone suggested that it was “zombies line dancing” hAHAHAHAH

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Gosh, I wonder if I’ve done that. I forget about my old questions, but I don’t think any of them were suspenseful anyway.

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@Zen_Again Apparently I’m guilty of just such an offense. @jeruba PM’d me so I did a follow up. Honestly, it never occurred to me that anyone gave a rat’s ass, or I’d have done so sooner. I appreciate the concern and interest, and another time I’ll keep this in mind.

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How about, everyone who agrees with @Zen_Again goes to their questions, have a peek whether you are guilty of this behaviour and, if so, write a lengthy piece in which you state that all is alright. Or slighty less alright.
I am going to right now.

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As one of those guilty of this sin, I feel I must make amends now.

No, I didn’t go to the hospital. Yes, it did hurt. It turned out to be behind the barn, not the fridge. It was only worth 40K, but the police took it as evidence, anyway. We did break up, but then we got together again. And broke up again. She said she didn’t care what those [blasted] jellies thought, six times a day was enough. Her other boyfriend was not happy, but we did have one collective date. Three months salary. Too much salt. Three times a week. The mother-in-law. Five minutes. When your father is good and ready.

Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier, but I was following the three day rule.

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I too, went back and, funny thing…, i never put questions that need follow up’s.

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They were able to re-attach my penis in case you were wondering, but it’s never been the same.

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Waiting to hear from nikipedia on her meeting with the two unfortunate students who plagiarized.

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@Zen_Again…. If they died, i dought you will get any

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If there is no follow up I have no way of remembering. I do wonder if @SuperMouse ever found her keys.

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Now I want to know what @Jeruba asked that there was no follow up on.

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Sometimes I go back and ask on questions I really want to know. I often get responses that way.

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@tinyfaery I asked her several times after that thread. The last time I asked, she hadn’t.
For some reason, that one stuck with me also.

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My neice began a thread about her cousin, (who is also my neice). She has since stopped fluthering, and I occasionally post new events, should anyone on there care about the progress.
I do find it annoying when others don’t post doctors results, etc.

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An English teacher told me never to start a question with “Don’t you think that…” People might perversely answer “No.”

She said you get better answers with “Do you think that”?

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Don’t you think I know that?

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I knew you’d say that.

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Yes, I do. I PM people and ask them.

I didn’t go to the hospital, and it didn’t kill me, and breaking up was never at issue. Have I forgotten to finish something?

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