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Is Fluther better when people disagree?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) April 27th, 2010

I think it would be mind numbingly dull if no one disagreed.
It would feel like a support group then.

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Depends on how far you take it.

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I like when a thoughtful discussion enlightens my view of a subject, but hate it when morons ruin a thread.

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I don’t think it’s better or not better. I guess that’s a dull answer. It depends on how they disagree.

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Disagreeing just to be disagreeable is pretty transparent and doesn’t add anything.

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No one “disagrees.”

We just have a difference of opinion.

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I don’t think disagreement is necessary for Fluther to thrive, but a variety of viewpoints is.

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I don’t think it would be mind numbingly dull if no one disagreed. In fact, I find disagreement and argument mind numbingly dull. It just has a bad energy. I much prefer it when we share stories and ideas, and present our ideas not as competitors but as collaborators.

Although, on occasion, when someone is just wrong, I don’t mind telling them so. ;-)

@Captain_Fantasy Have you ever been in a support group? I don’t know about yours, but mind are far from dull. Although, that may just be the Wundayatta effect.

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There’s nothing wrong with a little disagreement now and then. It’s the insults I could do without.

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i find insults annoying but non-stupid disagreements captivating.
i also like humor

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It would be rather dull & lifeless if everyone sang from the same songsheet.Akin to a road trip with a bus full of nuns,kumbaya me lord.

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I agree with everything everyone has said.

Or do I?

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Well it creates discussions and the like, which I think is supposed to be the point. There’s nothing bad about it, the problem with the Internet I think is that as soon as we see the word ’‘disagree’’, the prominent nature of online’s Wild West situation makes us think of flame wars and other despicable bouts of uncivilized ass exchanging by having people state that everything everyone says is bullshit except for them all the while using words like ’‘toxivity’’. I think I may have pulled a Seanbaby.
And not without reason, I suspect that a lot of people enjoy drama, because despite the contrary statement often being expressed, if people didn’t like it it wouldn’t happen so damn often.

It doesn’t have to be that way, man, share the wealth!

Whatever the case though, I agree it would be boring if everyone just agreed, or posted their opinions like you would make a shopping list and not having anyone discus anything. If I wanted that I’d just go take some retarded What Disney character are YOU?! quiz on Facebook or inform everyone on Twitter that I just passed a log.

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Different points of view can be discussed without disagreeing. The thing that ruins Fluther for me is the “Hi, long time no see” type of quips, or “never in a million years” which is zero content.

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I believe that Fluther, or at least the Jellies that make it what it is, are at their best when they agree to disagree and offer civil and intellectual give and take when discussing or dissecting different topics and answers. Different perspectives, opinions, and views are very important in being able to see multiple aspects of issues and understanding people’s thoughts, emotions, and personalities.

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Hmm, maybe some jellies are hired to come here and stir up trouble. Maybe it’s semi-scripted, like those weird unreality shows.

There’s nothing wrong with healthy discussion, but when it gets personal I’m not comfortable with that. I don’t like rudeness, and I’m not much into swearing. Apart from the occasional polite bugger.

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@that’s an interesting concept

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I’m an argumentative and opinionated person by nature, so of course I like it when people disagree. I didn’t come here to just have my opinions validated (although that is fun too), I love discussion and argument.

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I thought this was a question and answer site. You don’t need to disagree to provide help..

Now it seems like a linear forum without categories where people disguise questions with, “How do you feel about {news item}?”

They should just drop the question aspect of the site.

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@johnpowell Maybe you didn’t read What is Fluther because that explains what Fluther really is.

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Answers from people.
We think there’s still nothing better than getting an answer from a person. So we made it easier. Just ask Fluther, and we’ll direct your question to people who can help. Simple, isn’t it?

Sounds like Fluther was made to answer questions. The word help is really important. Answering, “How do feel about poor people?” doesn’t help solve a problem.

Ordinary experts.
Imagine having five Uncle Franks to answer your car questions, eight Aunt Marthas to ask about astronomy and six Grandma Gerties to advise you on your garden dilemmas.

Tapping into our collective is like extending your entire network of knowledge. And Fluther lets you share your massive brainpower with others.

That makes it sound like the intent of the site is solving real problems.

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Maybe the marketing of fluther was intended as a get help site but that’s not what it has become.

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Well, there’s a reason why when you ask a question “solve a problem” and ”start a discussion” are options. Clearly they think both are valid types of questions.

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If someone wants to know how jellies feel about poor people, then “how do you feel about poor people” helps solve that person’s problem.

There are different kinds of problems and different ways of trying to get answers. Many problems don’t have a solution, and yet we can still work on them. Perhaps I have a more inclusive definition of “problem” than others.

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“Tapping into our collective is like extending your entire network of knowledge. And Fluther lets you share your massive brainpower with others.” I don’t see anything about questions and answers in this sentence. To break it down – sharing…with others – is a big part of Fluthering.

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I don’t mind disagreement at all. However, I remind everyone so often that I’m sure people are sick of it by now that it is entirely possible to disagree without being disagreeable.

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Absolutely. But with a little style of course.

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