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Can a person have a fetish for a particular race?

Asked by upholstry (683points) April 27th, 2010

Is it possible to have an ‘asian fetish’ or a ‘black fetish’? Or must the object of fetishism be a part of the body or some material object? Wikipedia seems to sway toward the latter, but I’m wondering what others think on this important issue.

You might rather say that a person has a racial preference. A related question might be, is it possible to be so preferential towards a particular race that it becomes a fetish?

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I had a thing for Zira.

All jokes aside. I don’t see race. Just texture.

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Fetishism if there is such a word,probably knows no bounds.Most likely a fetish exists for almost anything so yeah my answer would be yes.On another angle I had a hard on for the relay race tricky when passing the baton so I had to let that one go.

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does a jew fetish qualify? if so then count me in.

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Absolutely. I always get wet watching DTM!

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I’m no psychologist, so I can’t really define fetish. But I can tell you that my husband has a preference for thin Asian women. Which kind of sucks because I’m pretty far from that look! (Short, chunky with dirty blond hair.) Oh well. So, I would think it’s possible.

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@deni I love you for your Jew fetish ;)

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Yeah, I’d consider it a fetish.

EDIT: I think if you look at a race from a strictly sexual standpoint, then it would qualify. If you tend to date petite caucasians, but “have a thing” for getting dirty with a busty black woman (and no interest in dating), it would be a fetish in my book.

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Sure. And I’d say most of it isn’t even about skin colour in and of itself, but on perceived characteristics of a certain group of people based on their colour or ethnicity.

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A fetish refers only to arousal caused by an object. What you are describing is an attraction to or strong preference for a particular ethnicity.

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OH, I have a Jew fetish.

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a person can have a fetish towards any one, any race, pretty much any anything. If it arouses them it is a fetish, the only difference is to what degree,,,,,

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I know of a (white) guy that only goes for blacks.

Personally I like white girls best myself. Preferably blondes and Eastern European, but not Hungarian or Romanian.

I have been with a lot of types. I’m generally open minded but am not a fan of hairy women.

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@wtfrickinfrack im blushing :)
@ChazMaz REALLY?

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They are the chosen people. ;-)

And yes.

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hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah agreed

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I have a fetish for the human race.

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I just have a woman fetish, big, small, colour! Whatever! Just so long as they can laugh :-/
dimples are a must!! Don’t matter where they are! :-)

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Absolutely, I’m one of them =D.

I dont think there is anything more erotic than an interracial relationship (or “engagement”).

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Asian persuasion.
Once you black, you never go back.
Once you go white, ain’t nothin else right!
Once you go Latino, los otros son como malditos! (the others are crap…basically lol)
Wanna ride a stallion? Find an Italian ;)

I just made up those last two…sowwy for the corniness :)

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Ha-ha, not unheard of!

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My son and I both have an asian preference. My son calls it Yellow Fever.

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Don’t forget, once you go fat you never go back, Chongalicious lol….

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I don’t really think that’s a fetish…. just a preference. We all have things that specifically attract us & if these traits are found predominantly in one ethnic group then hey-presto!

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

I would call it more of an obsession or strong preference. Technically, fetishes involve inanimate objects.

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Yeah! I saw a programme on TV about a guy who loved his car, he really ‘LOVED’ his car!! :-/
Right up the tail pipe!! Is it me? Or is that just a bit odd?? :-/

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There are people who got a fetish about Kreetassans. So why not black or green or white humans.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Scooby I don’t know about tailpipes, but I can be pretty obsessive about my vehicles, too. I even have names for them. :^)

Scooby's avatar


I can relate to naming my cars over the years :-/ now lets see there was, Elsie the Escort, Clint the Carlton & Clint the Carlton the second, Nelly Nova to name just a few, oh the mind boggles, I never had the tail pipe urge either, honest!

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Scooby The ‘61 MB 190D is Helga. The ‘49 170D is Sascha (she’s under restoration). The ‘47 Power Wagon is Olga. The Packard is Her Royal Highness.

Scooby's avatar


Nice looking motor them packards! :-) (Circa 1958) that’d look really nice on my drive..

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Scooby Mine’s a ‘37 V-12 Dietrich 8 passenger touring sedan. My grandfather bought it new. 472 ci, 160 hp, weight 4600 lbs, about 8 mpg. Top speed at least 100 mph guaranteed by the factory. Has only 62,000 miles on her. Beautiful unrestored condition. Except for routine maintenance, the motor’s never been touched.

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Good grief 1937, that’s just two years younger than my Mother!! :-/ is it still running??, I’d be scared to crank her over??
I found this picture .

Nice motor, you’re very lucky to own such a beast :-)

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Scooby That’s a touring car. Mine is a closed sedan with suicide doors. HRH runs beautifully. Last year we drove her to Montreal and back without a hiccup (about 400 mile round trip).

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I don’t have a “fetish”, but I really like Middle Eastern Men. Its random, but I love them. ;P I’m just not big into white guys.

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Not too sure what suicide doors are but you sure did well looking after her, hope she keeps going for many more miles! :-)

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@Scooby The rear doors open “backwards”. My grandfather and I are both maintenance fanatics. He owned her for 50 years before me.

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Ah I see “ backwards”! you just can’t beat old style quality workmanship on these old cars… ;-) she’s done well to get this far..

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I like Asian men, yes.
I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call it a “fetish”, but yes. I love asian and east indian culture, art, spiritual practices.

I have traveled to asia and now I want to go to India.
Infact, I was just researching my dream destination last night, Sundarban Natl. Park where one can view the Royal Bengal Tigers in the worlds largest Mangrove forest, along with Rhinos, Porpoises, sea turtles, Sika deer, monkeys and a myriad of bird species.

Culture and wildlife are my biggest turn ons. :-D

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