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why ami such an emotional b*tch?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) March 12th, 2008 from iPhone

so I’m a Pisces who h I guess we are known for being a little on the emotional/unrealiztic side. However I’m 22 and gay so I’m sure that has something to do with it as well but I can be so strong about things most people Are not and then listen to a sad song and get a weird feeling from it. I mean I was watching britney spears tributes on youtube and almost started balling WTF? Should I get on the roids for mor testorerone LOL

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Your tags on this question are awesome. Seriously awesome. It seem that you already acknowledge your problem. I would just suggest spending some time thinking about your problem. It should work out in the end if you are honest with yourself.

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I lie to myself like there is no tomorrow. Its the only thing that gets me through the week LOL. Last week I convinced myself I had alot more money in my bank account then i did so I could go shopping LOL

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spoken like a true gay man. Here’s the thing. There are too many people in this world who barracade their sensitivity and it effects themselves and the world they live in. Don’t lose that sensitivity Johnny, it has nothing to do with testosterone.

Highest Regards,

Daniel Riser

P.S. I lost a kidney when I read “I left my balls at wal-mart”

P.P.S. You are a bitch for not ever IMing me… Bitch :p

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LOLz Thanks-a great, funny post-don’t lose your sense of humor; plus you’ll outlive all those folks out there who just bottle up all their emotions…

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I may be gay but that video made my skin vibrate in a very… very… bad way that must never be repeated.

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okay just for the record. I swear that isn’t me in that video and I swear I do more of the cry alone in my room by myself type of thing. Not the publically broadcast my flameyness and then get offers for my own tv show type thing. That kid made it on the red carpet. Another person with. No talent using negative aspects in media to make a buck. Sad. And he didnt leave his balls at wal mart, he went there in hopes of finding a pair in the parking lot.

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@johnny: Sorry-it was just just a reference, not insinuating that the YT link was you…get a grip, man up! ;) I’m still lmao…

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oh haha I no u didnt mean it was me LOL. I just felt the need to Clarify that my britney spears tears are much more sophisticated LOL

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awesome-sophisticated :)

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I am the opposite of you johnny, and quite jealous of your ability to display your emotions so openly. I’ve met people who are good friends of mine now, but have told me that when they first met me, they thought I was a snob because I was so aloof and unemotional.

I’ve watched Titanic, The Notebook, A Beautiful Mind, etc., and, at the endings, tried to force the tears out of my eyes just because everyone around me was crying, not because I was actually sad.

My point is, embrace this idiosyncrasy of yours because there are those of us who want it. And it’s people like you who balance out the lives of people like me!

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What a hot question. I think it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out in the public with your revelations. But don’t look for approval in doing so. I’m afraid you’ll have to come to grips with who you are in your own time.

Try to figure out if what bothers you about yourself or the characteristics with which you might be uncomfortable are truly part of your character or if they’re learned behavior that can be unlearned. When I refer to learned, I will use the following example: you were raised by a single mother who was openly emotional and you grew up being openly emotional as well. As a result you never really learned about whether or not these emotional occurrences were always appropriate because your frame of reference may have been slightly skewed.

While emotions are good, they’re not always deep and don’t always have to be displayed. At the age of 22 I encourage you to use this time to figure out where it’s coming from and not put off why it’s bothering you. You’re still at an age where you’re finding your place in the world, and I assure you that 20 years from now you’ll believe this statement that you might not be believing now.

Be grateful that you didn’t leave your balls at K-Mart, basking in the ambience of a flashing blue light.

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I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the way you feel your emmotions. I think it’s much better than keeping them pent up. Just be who you are honey. We need more caring, feeling people in this world. BTW, I have to say I cracked up watching the video! Thanks for the early morning laugh!

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Leave Brittany Alone! All you care about is flutherers and making money! That video was very disturbing.

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who is this “ami” everyone is talking about? Hahahahahaha….ha?

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There’s nothing wrong with being emotional; it’s when you make your emotions other people’s problems (which is what I infer from “emotional bitch”) that it’s a bad thing. I’m not sure if that’s what you meant, though.

Be who you are. If you tear up watching Britney Spears, well, more power to you.

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Who’s Ami?

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@JZ: the fact that you want to experience the same emotions as Johnny shows you have the same heart. It may not materialize externally but that doesn’t devalue the sensitivity you are experiencing.

Highest Regards,

Daniel Riser

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The date you were born has nothing to do with who you are as person. This is a combination of genetics and social conditioning.

Don’t buy into the placebo of astrology. I’ve never read anything so vague in my life as the generalizations that garbage spits out on a regular basis.

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