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If Adobe Acrobat Pro is installed, Can I remove Adobe Reader?

Asked by bstar3 (182points) April 27th, 2010

Since both takes up a lot of space (Acrobat being the 2nd biggest program on my windows, and Reader being the 6th). I’m wondering if it’s okay Reader is uninstalled?

They both do the same thing, so why not?

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Yes, you can uninstall Reader. But you must consider that Acrobat Pro will take longer to launch and use up more memory, if you were just to view PDF file. I have both installed on most machines I manage, but I deafult PDF viewing to Acrobat Reader version 6 or 7 to economize resources (as oppose to version 8 or 9)

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It’s not slow for me, maybe cause my windows is kinda brand new. But If you say it’s okay to uninstall then….


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I would suggest Unistalling Reader 8 or 9 and replacing it with Reader 6 to save on space.

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If you don’t need to create PDF files I would nuke them both and just use Foxit instead.

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I need to create PDF’s.

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