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What feeling do you get when you see this sketch?

Asked by Jude (32112points) April 27th, 2010

His work is at the Moma right now. I really like this.

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It makes me want to check up on my homeowner’s insurance policy.

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It reminds me we’re all filled with water, yet it’s weird cause it looks like his body is crying a river

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My feeling is that he had nice ideas, but didn’t know what he wanted to say.

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Drowning ourselves in/for work and that its rewards can be as ephemeral as water through our fingers.

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The life water is running out.

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I’ve seen it around on subway posters – at first I hated it, don’t know why and now I like it – I get a feeling of sublimation.

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I don’t know, but the blue really stands out.

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Down the drain with us all

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Seems like blood to me – even though it’s blue

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so depressed :|

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Kind of sad and depressing. No joy anywhere there that I can see.

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I feel…drained of identity.

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It seems to be about loss, severe material loss and also loss of hope.

Something is pouring out of his pockets like a river and joining a river that is already flowing. And not a pleasant, scenic river, either, but a river that shouldn’t be there, that is in the wrong place, inside a building, which ought to be secure against such outflows. He is wearing a business suit; clearly he was not prepared to be caught in the middle of this flood. His look is of dark, helpless rage and despair.

I think this is how a great many people must have felt starting in September of 2008: as if their wealth, whether great or small, were pouring out of their pockets like water and going down the drain. There have, of course, been other such times in modern history.

I’m basing this on a small reproduction. I don’t know if I would see it differently if I could see the actual work of art.

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Deep, hopeless depression.

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<sigh> Oh, Jeruba. ;-) I loved that.

I really like it.

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As we age we can’t escape the down pour to come.

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It makes me think of those business people who show themselves as rich and well off, but are drowning in their own debt….

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Thanks, @jjmah.

It seemed significant to me that the water is coming from the man. He is losing it. And water is essential to life ...

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It is a frame from the animated film Stereoscope.

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I am desensitized by the MTA subway ads..but it is a dark image.

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It has a dark feeling to it. I like it though.

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Oh my goodness. If you think the still image is moving, take a look at the short film @ratboy linked to. So sad and kind of beautiful, too.

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Ahh—that’s different, isn’t it, @ratboy? My previous interpretation is wrong. There is a context, and the context changes the meaning.

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It seems to link ageing with drying up, becoming drained and powerless. A sad outlook on the supposed link between ageing and the notion of loss.

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