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Recommended screen-sharing applications?

Asked by jaytkay (25767points) April 27th, 2010

Hello all,

I will be training someone across the country, she’s working from home over a DSL connection, we both use Windows.

I need to show her how to use some web research databases, Google docs and and Excel pivot tables.

I prefer built-in audio, though we could simultaneously use the phone.

What screen sharing applications do you like?

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Try Go to Meeting. That should work just fine.

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I think skype has a share screen option. Yes, on my skype there is an option called “share screen” right after the smiley icons. I think I have version 4.2

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Gotta go with Skype on this one.

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Yuuguu offers simple-to-use free & secure screen sharing which should help you with your remote training.

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