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Do deer antlers fall off in the summer time?

Asked by miss_page (8points) April 27th, 2010 from iPhone

My mom has been trying to tell me that deer shed their antlers in the spring/summer. I think she’s wrong.

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That’s what happens. Look here

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They usually shed in late winter. Late Jan. or early Feb. in my area. They start growing new antlers in the spring, growing them through the summer. They harden in the fall.

This is a good brief description of the cycle. Different species of deer have slightly different cycles.

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This article tells all about deer antlers.

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They shed them in late winter or early spring. The antlers grow back over the summer.

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Geez, so now I gotta worry about raking up the deer antlers at my place up north? What a hassle!

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Yes. They are shed in late winter to early spring. The deer grow a new pair during spring/summer and they are ready for “rutting season” during the fall.

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@snowberry That’s not what happens, and your link doesn’t say that it does. Your link indicates that deer shed their antlers, which is true. However, it does not say that they do so in the summer (which was the question), because they don’t.

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@filmfann no, most antlers are eaten by animals for the minerals that are in the antlers. But you shouldn’t be upset if you do. Finding a matched pair of antlers can earn you some decent cash from a taxidermist.

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