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What are some good topics to write about for an intercultural speech?

Asked by niks1112 (410points) April 28th, 2010

For my effective speaking class i have to write an speech on culture.
i was thinking bar/bat mitzvahs, but im not quite sure if that fits in with the criteria.
if not, what are some topics to write about for a speech based on culture?

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The steady disapperance of respect for elders is a fascinating topic that knows no cultural bounds.

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Culture is a really broad term. Your idea fits well within the guidelines. If that is what you want to give a speech on a can’t see your instructor objecting.

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You could learn about the definition and role of family in different cultures. This could form the basis of an interesting and informative speech.

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When people leave one country to go to another, the culture of the country they left becomes their heritage in the new country they live in. How does heritage influence daily culture?

Or, what eating foods from different cultures teaches you about that culture.

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If you want to write about bar/bat mitzvahs, you might want to discuss it as a rite of passage in the Jewish culture and possibly compare it to those of some other cultures such as the Hispanic Quincenara for girls of 15.

Another idea would be to do some research on global business transactions and what behaviors may signify to a member of a diffferent culture. I know there are books out about this. A librarian could help you find them.

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Anecdotes that portray other cultures in a positive light.

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