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Who would you believe more the boy or the girl in this incident?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) April 28th, 2010

Who to believe? At a family function there is a commotion in the den, you and other family enter to find a boy 13ish wailing away holding his head which is bleeding like a fountain and bleeding from the mouth. His 16 year old female cousin is panting and hacking with a fireplace poker in her hand.

She say she was sitting in the sofa using her iPad Touch and he came up behind her and covered her whole face with a sheet of cellophane to the point she could not breath or make a sound. He would not stop or let loose even as she trashed about choking. She had to rear back with her head and smash him in the mouth before he let go. She said she then made her way to the fireplace and picked up the poker. She told him to leave but he said “B**** I ain’t going nowhere” and walked towards her so she cracked him in self-defense.

His story, he said he did cover her face but it was loose and he it was a joke, something he seen on a DVD. When he let lose she was panting and said, “F****** fool! What is the matter with you!?!” He said he told her to chill it was recreating a scene he seen in a DVD. She then said “F*** you!” and she belted him in the mouth. Then when he went to go pick up the cellophane wrap she snatched the poker and whacked him twice to the body and once to the side of the head and told him “DVD that mother******!”

So, who is telling the truth or is the truth somewhere in the middle of both?

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does it matter? they both acted like idiots.

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I don’t see how either story contradicts the other. Suggest a plea bargain.

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@jazmina88 If the girl is telling the truth, what she did seems excusable.

If the boy is telling the truth, they both acted like idiots.

However, there’s no good way to decide who is telling the truth. Likely to be somewhere in between. I.e. maybe he was joking but didn’t realize how tight it was, and then when she got the poker maybe he did refuse to leave or something like that.

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The whole incident seems bizarre and extreme. His behaviour was immature and foolish, hers was a gross overreaction, notwithstanding her initial panic.

I’m not inclined to believe either of them much!

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Who cares? Asshole deserved it. Bet he won’t be trying that one again.

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I think it would be difficult to determine the total truth in this situation without first knowing the kids a little bit better.

The story seems to match up so it’s quite possible they are both being honest with the way each one perceived the incident.

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if your watching films like that and recreating it at 13 your a bit wrong, that’s a method used to kill not to scare or anything else so it seems the tougher the reaction by the girl the better because to be honest ild have done exactly the same…

but you can’t blame the girl for her reaction, after someone’s scared/basically had a shot at suffocating you like that its fight or flight instinctual reactions…and its natural, she wasn’t to know that he wasn’t gonna try something else following the suffocation was she!?!

But really what you should be asking yourself is what’s happening that this 13yr old is able to watch and even has an interested in performing this sort of act?

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I suspect the truth is somewhere in between….. however I still think she did the right thing, what sort of twat covers someone’s face with cellophane.

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it is kind of his fault because he started it. the both acted wrong, and what the hell is the 13 year old watching?????? it is immature acting, and they are both idiots. but no matter what he initiated everything. so i see where the girl is comming from. most of all, i blame the parents of the boy, letting him watch that stuff, and second for him even believing that he can recreate something he saw in a movie. Movies are fake.

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WTF? A 13 year old boy is watching a movie in which an unsuspecting woman is killed by someone sneaking up behind her and putting plastic wrap over her face to smother her, and thinks it would be a “fun” idea to re-enact the scene with his unsuspecting sister?!!

I suppose it would be fun to push someone off a building, or rape a girl, or re-enact a torture scene as well? This is beyond “idiot”—it’s assault, and the boy is obviously lacking a moral compass that tells you that violence against women does not constitute “entertainment.” The sister’s fear is very real, and she deserved to haul off and beat the crap out of her brother for trying to kill her, which is what he did.

What kind of movies is this kid watching?

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@PandoraBoxx He could just have been watching something like ‘Copycat’.... the old cellophane over the face things happens quite often…. I even think it occurred on one episode of Dexter. However, it does seem this particular kid is too immature for anything like this….

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See if she has any swelling on the back of her head ( fr rearing her head and hitting him in the mouth), also see if he has two wounds/bruises (from her belting him with the poker) before hitting him in the head.
Then decide who’s closer to the truth.
In either case, he shouldn’t do stuff like that… once he does he has to suffer the concequences of whatever her reation may be…

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Even though the boy’s story sounds more plausible the way you described it (he does admit to starting it with the cellophane, and the girl probably panicked and freaked out), I’d have to know the people involved personally. There is no way I can pass judgement on these kids without more information. Which I guess now explains why all these judges screw up all the time when they have to decide after reading false statements and listening to lawyers, rather than meeting the people involved.

I’m pretty sure that if I could ask the kids themselves (individually), I might be able to come close to the truth. But even that would be hard.

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Ever watch those shows like Punked, or AFV where people are suprised by someone wearing a mask. I’m the guy that automatically punches the joker in the face- hard. I can’t help it. Hopefully the 13 year old learned a lesson. People are not supposed to be wrapped in cellophane – unless they’re do it themselves while in high heels standing by the door.

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I have no idea if either story is true, but he deserved a crack in the mouth for a stunt like that, during or after. If someone did something like that to one of my daughters they would not get off so lightly. I’d break bones.

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He admitted his part and that it was just a joke. but, to her it was to the point of no return and she could see her life coming to an end and she saw red.

In life, self-preservation of ones life is number one. after the release of the bag, the incident was over. cussing the other person out would have been a normal reaction for all of us. but, the girl over-reacted. her actions could be considered a felony assault with a deadly weapon.

Normally, one deed justifies another. but, not in this case. the girl compounded the situation with her assault with the poker. anything can be considered a dangerous weapon, depending on how its used and the intent of the user.

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He needed his ass kicked.

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Whatever happened to telling the adults that someone is hurting you?

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I think I’d be more concerned with getting the boy to the hospital if his head is bleeding….
Finding out what happened can come later…

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@rangerr The scalp is really vascular, so when split open it can bleed a lot and look really bad, but probably isn’t. I’d have made his ass walk to the hospital.
You cannot blame the girl even if she did overreact. The adrenaline kicks in and one simply acts. Instinct is the great self preserver. Even if he was playing, from her perspective, she did not know that and even right afterward the adrenaline was already pumping and she was literally still running high-test. Haven’t you ever had someone jump out and scare you? What is your first reaction? Primary emotion – Fear, immediate secondary emotion – anger. It’s physiological hard wiring. And it was much worse that someone jumping out and then laughing like an idiot. She may not have even known it was him in those first seconds, and even when she did she still had an excess in her bloodstream and lacks the maturity of an adult to handle something like this. He’s lucky she didn’t take his fool head off.

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I’m siding with the girl – wtf is wrong with him doing that as a joke.

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pokers and choking with cellophane are both certainly things either one of them should be doing. They are weapons.
Violence and retaliation is never the answer. Lucky something more serious didnt happen.

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Pokers to the head have been known to kill. Where were her hands that she couldn’t grab his hands off her head? They both need some counselling in my book.

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@john65pennington @Trillian Not that it os an ecuse but don’t anger make people do stupid things? About 4 months ago here a story broke where a woman was killed by sitting in her b/f’s car because an ex seen them to together and gunned her car t-boning the man’s car on the side of the new g/f because she was so jealous the new girl was with him and could not stand it. Now she faces a long hitch in jail because she could not live with the fact he moved on; that has to be stupid.

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@Hypocrisy_Central that type of anger is completely different from the anger that comes from being frightened for your life.

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@Trillian I know the anger stems from different incidences but it is still anger and when people get real angry be it seeing an ex with another mate, learning you been conned, frighten near death, etc just to point out anger doesn’t always follow reason regardless of how it came about.

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I’d say get rid of them both.

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I believe I would have kicked the crap out of him too. His “joke” wasn’t funny for the girl who couldn’t breath.

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