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I need diabetic recipes please.

Asked by Roby (2939points) April 28th, 2010

My Dr said I am borderlined diabetic and I need to eat like a diabetic to curtail the problem. I started a exercise regime (walking) as well as cutting sweets and fat from my diet. I need recipes…Thanks

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eat simple…..if you eat fruits, melons and berries have less sugar.
cut carbs. thin crust pizza.


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You’ll get all you can stand here:

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Meeting with a dietitian who specializes in counselling newly diagnosed diabetics. Where I live these referrals are routine and there is no cost. I hope it is as easily accessible where you live. Recipes are great, but having an idea of how to plan your meals might also be of great benefit.

The American Diabetic Association or equivalent if you live elsewhere may be very helpful.
With knowledge and practice, life can be pretty easy even in your situation.

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If you eat a snack, make sue to include protein (nuts, peanut butter, cheese) as part of it. Make sure that you have protein with your meals.

Avoid carbohydrates. Use a low-carb bread, This one is very good.

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Great carbs are lentils and peas.

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