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Would it be a bad idea to stay another day or two for my boyfriend?

Asked by chelle21689 (7008points) April 28th, 2010

I’m visiting my bf and it’s my last day =(. I’ve been here for almost 8 days and he really wants me to stay. I have the money for another ticket back, but I did spend a lot on my trip here. My parents are expecting me home and I do work for them and they are flexible. They probably won’t like that I’ll stay longer but it won’t be a big deal.

I want to stay but I feel like I have to go back on the day I told everyone I’d be back. I do want to stay but I think it’s more of me not wanting my parents to think I’m weak for my bf. even though we been together for 4 years including 1½ year long distance.

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In the end it should be what you think is right. It is neither bad or good but if it were me and I could stay longer I probably would. However if your parents really depend on you coming back because it puts them out and they don’t do the same for other employees than you should ask them and let them make the decision. If its something they normally would do for any employee than no sweat if not then you shouldn’t expect them to be happy about it.

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Why do you care what all of those others will think? If you can stay, and want to stay, stay.

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Eh, nevermind. Usually one way flights are cheap! This time it’s expensive because then it’d be the weekend. About $400, holy cow.

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In two more days, it will be another last day, and you will be in the same position of having to leave, and it will be the same cycle all over again.

Go home as planned, save the money you’d spend on a ticket for a surprise visit in a month or two. Even though you work for your parents, you do work, and you need to honor your commitment to them, unless both you and your parents treat your job as an excuse to get an allowance as an adult.

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@PandoraBoxx makes several excellent points. Working for one’s parents should not be treated as less serious than working for strangers. While they might be willing to cut you more slack, you should not take advantage of that. Honouring your commitments is a mark of maturity and responsibility.

It’s always emotionally difficult to sat goodbye after a visit with a loved one but putting it off sets a bad precedent that will make it hard to keep to your plans on future visits. Unless there is so crisis that necessitates a change in your plans, do as @PandoraBoxx advises!

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=( You have a point that it’s still gonna hurt a day or two later. I hate distance…can’t wait for the day when it comes to an end and we can be together again.

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Go to work and save the money you make for not missing work (assuming that you are paid hourly) to pay for the next trip.

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Would it be a “bad” idea? Only if people are depending on you at home. But @PandoraBoxx is right, more like than not, you’ll just be back in the same boat in a couple days from now. Also, in my experience, the extra time sometimes feels “tacked on”. Not always of course, many times it’s more than welcome. But every now and then it just extends the stay but not so much the pleasure of being there and that always leaves a bad taste. Think of it this way, if you go home, you get to save more and look forward to a longer stay next time. If you stay it will be longer before you are able to come back.

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If you want to stay, stay. Don’t worry what others think. If you want to stay, if your boyfriend wants you to stay, there isn’t a problem.

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Pack your butt out of there and go home. Even if your parents let you slide, you have a commitment elsewhere. And you don’t want a guy getting too used to you changing your life around to suit him. Once that gets established, you’ll find he expects all sorts of accommodation from you and he’ll take it for granted.
Let him miss you for a while.

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@Trillian Can I get an AMEN!!

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I said AMEN!~

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You’re not weak for wanting to stay with your bf an extra day or two. You’re in an LDR, so of course you’ll want to maximize any opportunity to spend time together. If you decide to stay, explain this to your parents.

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Listen to thriftymaid and lonelydragon

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As much as I wanna stay I can’t afford it. I’ll think of it as working and saving more money to go out here.

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So why ask the question?

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