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Why do people always want what they cant have?

Asked by slick44 (3808points) April 28th, 2010

Sorry if this was askes before, and i am sure it was. Do you ever find yourself stareing out the window, looking out into the world and wonder what all you are missing out on? Why some people seem to have such great lives. And it seems you are stuck with the same old, same old. You want more, but it always seems beyond your reach.

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Because some people never learn that the grass is always greener on the other side, at least until you get there.

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The grass is greener, but the shit still needs to be mowed.

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It is what drives us – ambition. Without it we would stagnate.

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A lot of people don’t realize that they can actually change this. You have to leave your comfort zone and get out there and make changes yourself. People are afraid to do this for myriad reasons though: Leaving family, not being accepted by their already loser friends etc.

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@wonderingwhy… you no what now i feel a little bad about my ques. I guess i should just be greatfull for what i have. It could be alot worse. thanks.

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No. I disagree with the premise of your question. I am personally responsible for the circumstances of my life. If I want to change some aspect of it, it is up to me to design an effective strategy to do so.

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Its just human nature. i am the same way. i want a brand new Infinity G car, around $40,000 dollars. this is one personal possession that i may never have, but at least it gives me something to wish for.

For other people, its that one person that they can never have and it eats away at their heart and soul because of it. many people go to their grave, wondering only “what if things could have been different?”

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@john65pennington I’m working towards a new Infiniti as well lol. It may take me 30 years but I will still get it eventually haha.

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@UScitizen -That is exactly how I think too :)

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Blackberry, how you doing today? glad to see i am not alone in my wishing well search for a new Infiniti. john

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I dont want to be ritch or have everything. I just want to be ok. I want to be able to buy my kids new shoes they want. i want a new car, nothing fancy just a reliable one. I would like to take a vacation. I am responsible for me. Im not a magician, i cant get these things without a great job. With 3 kids. Its hard.

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slick44. your time will come. just never give up on your dreams. they do come true.

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My wife had an Infiniti sports coupe – she traded it on a Golf TDI 2.0. Much prefers the TDI. Much nicer to drive and more torque down low – where you need it for city work. I drove both cars quite often, and I agree, the Infiniti was better on a bit of twisty country road, but the TDI is superior in the city.

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@john65pennington I’m pretty good, thanks for asking, how about you? :)
One Infinity I do not see on the road, surprisingly, is the Infinity convertible. I see a lot of BMW, lexus, and toyota convertibles, and I see a lot of Infiniti coupes and stuff, but never an Infinity convertible, strange.

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I used to. I wanted to be in love and was jealous seeing couples who were so obviously in love. I wanted what they had, and they seemed to be everywhere. But now I am, I don’t see them.

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ask Mick Jagger

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Where’s the fun in wanting what you already have? Besides, that’s what drives the economy.

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I think it’s just the simple fact that they KNOW they can’t have and they’ll probably never get the thing that they want most,which makes you feel even more compelled to get it. you never really want it as bad once you get it though.

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First off, I think the premise of your question is wrong. I don’t think all people always want what they can’t have.

Second, how often do you spend being thankful for what you do have rather then musing on what you don’t have?

You may not be able to control what you have or don’t have, but you can control your attitude toward it and toward life.

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The is very little that you can’t have if you are willing to do what’s necessary.

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Because it’s a good challenge that keeps us fit in evolutionary terms. The more one puts him or herself to the test by going for apparently unattainable things, the more one becomes capable of bigger and bigger things. Psychology could go deeper, I stick to this.

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Because they are still growing up.

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@mattbrowne… Then when my friend do you stop growing up? I think im pretty much grown. Hasn’t stoped me from wanting!

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@Luna… I think you may be on to something.

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There must be some deep rooted psychological function, probably based on emotive response towards stuff that sucks like routine or bills, and used by our instinct as motivation or at the very least, psychological maintenance through dreams and desire.

Hell I denno, too busy wanting a Porsche Turbo. >_>
I don’t even have a fucking bus pass.

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@slick44 – I was talking about intellectual maturity. A 50-year-old CEO who desperately wants his 4th yacht but can’t afford one is in a way still a child.

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Wants may be infinite but resources are finite. At some point we are going to reach limits. We are running out of fossil fuels and are dangerously warming up the planet. I can’t imagine the rest of the world living at the level of the U.S. At some point, want it or not, people are going to be forced to say Enough! It will be interesting to see how the world adjusts.

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Therefore I want knowledge.

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@mattbrowne… ya whatever and i want world peace, good luck to both of us.

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To have what you want, you must want what you have.

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Ya know, before you go aquiring more stuff, be happy with what you have!

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@stratman37… gotcha.. Yes i should be greatfull for what i have, and i am. I guess it could be a hell of alot worse. You are right. :)

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