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Do you know of any skier-controlled water engine?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) April 28th, 2010

I did this drawing to explain what I mean.. the idea is to let go of the need of a boat. Does it exist? Thx

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About fifteen years ago there was a device like that. It had a two-stroke motor and a snorkel as well as a radio remote control. It failed to take off though, it kept sucking water through the snorkel when it capsized. It was made by a company that made diver’s submarines. I had a fun Saturday afternoon with it, but wasn’t impressed enough to buy it. I still have one of their submarines – also snorkel breathing – it pulls a diver along a metre below the surface. When you let go of the controls to dive it circles until you come back for it.

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Yep I have seen those diver’s submarines before.. well who knows here might be a cool opportunity to develop a patent! Thanks for your feedback ;)

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There is one out there. I am trying to find a picture of it.

Just recently saw something on TV.
Seriously, it is out there.

It looked like a jet ski. But a tether came off the back for the skier to hold on to, to control it.

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