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Do you believe a soundtrack can make or break a movie & have you bought any based on the strength of the movie?

Asked by ucme (50047points) April 28th, 2010

Terrible movie great soundtrack this often happens or indeed vice versa.What about the last soundtrack you bought/downloaded?

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Twilight… Hey, the classical music on the soundtrack was good!

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The Committments. Yep. That long ago. Loved the movie, loved the soundtrack.

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Crazy Heart – loved the movie and the songs. I’m not a big country music fan but some of those songs are just terrific.

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I didn’t buy the soundtrack, just one song off of it: Snow Come Down, Lori Carson, from Waking the Dead.

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The Commitments
This is Spinal Tap
O Brother, Where Art Thou?

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I only buy a movie soundtrack if I like the music. Whether or not I like the movie doesn’t make a difference. The last soundtrack I bought was The Watchmen. Hated the movie, loved the music.

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I didn’t necessarily buy the Donnie Darko soundtrack, but I have it. :) Hans Zimmer does a lot of great soundtracks.

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I’ve got this theory that the Halloween film series would not have seen the success it has were it not for the creepy theme song, as well as some other excellent atmosphere tracks in the first few movies.
Adding The Chordettes in number two only intensified the disturbance factor.

Now I usually express this theory as half a joke, but when you think about it, the first Halloween movie is not horror, it’s suspense, and when everyone goes to see a movie thinking it’s horror, the fact that most of the film is chase scenes and mood setting and no gore at all, the music must have done a damn good job of freaking people out, and so…

Just wtf am I talking about.

Music can be very powerful and emotionally moving, so of course soundtracks can make or break a film, most especially when considering the mainstream public’s shallow and superficial expectations when it comes to this shit, as proven by the misunderstood Babysitter Murders, although I’ve never bought any soundtracks on that account, whether what I just said is valid or not.

Other than owning ten million different versions of the Halloween theme song I’ve no idea.

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pulp fiction has worlds best soundtrack.

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O Brother Where Art Thou was the last soundtrack I bought, and it’s as good as the movie was.
The best soundtrack on the worst film? Maybe Forrest Gump. I really didn’t like that movie.
The worst soundtrack on the best film? Across the Universe. I really think Bono killed that movie.

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Michael Mann always makes movies with great soundtracks. The combination of film and music has turned me on to many songs I might not have given a chance without the other medium. I love the closing credits tune from Slumdog.

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The only movie soundtracks I’ve bourght were for the films ‘Judgement Night’ & for ‘The Crow’....
Im not sure if music could break a movie for me…. but I’d certainly watch a mediocre film if the soundtrack was right.

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My favorite movie soundtrack is to the original Heavy Metal . After that is the soundtrack to Pulp Fiction . Actually, overall, I think Tarantino does a good job with his soundtracks. This Is Spinal Tap is another.

I cannot remember any specific soundtrack that turns me off of a good movie but a good soundtrack can really improve a mediocre movie or top off a good one. I thought Conan the Barbarian was a good movie but the soundtrack was good enough to move that movie into my favorites.

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@Arisztid That movie kicks ass. I musta saw it like ten times. I always wished they made a sequel.

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Amelie, Donnie Darko, The Matrix, True Romance, Hedwig & The Angry Inch, John Williams’ Harry Potters, all the Star Wars, Nightmare Before Christmas

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@Arisztid There’s more than one? I mean the one with the several stories in them. I love the one with the zombies on the airplane. Came out way before Snakes on a Plane and didn’t suck. :)

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@Symbeline You mean “Heavy Metal”. They played this song during the Zombie section.

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@Arisztid Oh…haha am I ever lame. I thought you were asking me which Heavy Metal story I was talking about, but you wanted to know about which of your list I meant…Crawls in a hole :D

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I’m not a big music person. But I have bought music I heard in 2 movies. One was Carl Orff – Carmina Burana and the other was David Bowie song in Cat People- Putting Out the Fire

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No; I don’t think a soundtrack could break a movie but a great one helps you remember it and maybe to buy it. I bought the soundtracks to: Titanic!, Dr Zhivago and Sleepless in Seattle

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George Lucas has credited the Soundtrack for much of the success of Star Wars.

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