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Can you get into a pool with your contacts in?

Asked by Love_or_Like (443points) April 28th, 2010

The other day I forgot to take my contacts off when I was talking a shower. And they didn’t came out. I want to know if they will come out. My friends had told me yes only if you get in with your eyes open they might come out

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My main concern would be getting pool chemicals in them. A bad idea, I’d think. I’d never do it. Take them out just to be safe.

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A shower and pool are two different things. They will come out in a pool, a shower is just a shower, you aren’t fully emersed in water like a pool. Just take them out before getting in a pool, you don’t want chlorine on them.

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If you’re just going wading, it’s not a big deal. Don’t ever open your eyes underwater, and don’t dive. Getting a good splash to the face might make them float around, too. The biggest thing is how dry your eyes will feel when the chlorine hits the contacts. Double-rinse them as soon as you get out.

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I always swim with my contacts in – I can’t see much without them. I have never had problems, even with diving. Just be careful not to splash water directly into your eyes (but that is always unpleasant…)

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Yes, but you are more likely to get an infection as the eye is less able to clean itself with your lenses in.

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OK I totally misread your question and was thinking to myself how would I get all my email contacts into a pool!

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Ha ha… I think it’s time to turn the twitter-machine off for a few minutes. Go outside.

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I usually swim with my contacts in, and just try not to open my eyes underwater. Or wear goggles :).

Showering has never been a problem for me, i’ve never even heard that you’re supposed to take them out when you shower….

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@Seek Kolinahr no I was just cleaning out my contacts from the email. You know us men we are necessarily the best multi-taksers.

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I’m fine with my contacts in the shower and in a pool. I have even opened my eyes while under water in a pool and they didn’t come out.

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I would say take them out just to be safe, but if you can’t see without them like me than maybe you should be extra careful not to get water in your eyes.

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< < swims at the pool, under water, eyes open all the time with contacts in.

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Seems like a lot of people on here do it “without problem” but it is VERY poor hygiene. If you absolutely MUST, then wear swim goggles over the contacts when you swim.

There are a host of reasons why this is a bad idea. I think the scariest being that you can get microorganisms (see: acanthamoeba) adhering to your contacts and infect the cornea of your eye. The cornea is very sensitive, think about how you can detect getting just a single dust particle in your eye. Corneal infections can be very painful, and sometimes require a CORNEAL TRANSPLANT.

If you feel you absolutely must wear contacts while you swim, talk to your Optometrist. They may recommend daily disposable contact lenses.

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@palbertq i definitly agree about the poor hygiene becuase you don’ t know about everybody that was in that pool and then when you get something in your eye that’s very mysterious, THEN what…....

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I swim with my contacts all the time. I even swim under water and squint with them in. So far they have never come out and I’ve not had a problem. Ive been a contact wearer for 25 years. I do recommend that you take them out and soak them when you get home.

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