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What was your major in college and what type of job do you have now?

Asked by Justnice (920points) April 28th, 2010 from iPhone

I just want to know what people majored in and if they actually used that major for work.

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I have a Bachelor’s in German and I am a physician.

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I went from music education….a BME and now I do customer service.

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Double major criminal justice and paralegal; after graduating I went on to law school. I am retired from a large utility company where I worked in the legal/regulatory organization.

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Chemistry. I never worked directly in the industry though. I spent most of my life designing and servicing industrial robotics and process equipment for the electronics industry. I switched back in 1994 to Web Development and have been doing that ever since.

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Computer Science (first two years, I was dual CompSci and Math).

I now work as a Software Engineer for Bank of America, and I teach two CompSci courses at my former college.

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My BA was in Biology and my Masters in Public Health – now I work as a patient navigator (kind of like a social worker) for cancer patients and their families on behalf of the American Cancer Society.

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BA and Masters in English. I write for a living.

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Undergraduate: BA major in studio art
Graduate MA Major in Art History/Museology

Have worked in art, design, museums, research, writing, transitioning smoothly to the digital world. Degrees consistent with outcome.

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Majored in Economics. Currently working in investor relations.

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I don’t have a degree at all. My career has been a mix of accounting, sales and business administration.

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I have a master’s degree in geography, and I work with geographic information systems (GIS) and develop GIS software.

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I am currently majoring in marketing… and I work in the seafood department at Weis Markets. I could put what I’ve learned so far to use with display cases and such… but I don’t because I’m not in charge. =[

I want to get a job designing toys.. or just inventing in general. Yeah… that’d be nice. Or I’d like to work for Crayola. I’m a creative kind of gal. =]

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I have a masters in labor relations but I work as a research consultant now.

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BA in literature, Medieval studies and sociology
Master’s in Library Science

Librarian at a community college

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Bachelors in Chemistry, minor in Criminology. Currently working as an analytical chemist in quality control in a metals lab. Planning on getting into forensics eventually.

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Aviation and now I am an Airline Pilot.

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Sociology. Driving. Good question.

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@evandad BA only?
Limits field options.
What were you thinking of doing?

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I have bachelors and masters in engineering and history. I was an officer in the US Army Corps of Engineers for 29 years. Currently a farmer and working on my PhD in history.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land so you used the earlier degrees for your Army career and are now pursuing a PhD to work in academe or for your own pleasure?

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@anartist Essentially to finish off what I started 30+ years ago. The doctorate might give the few articles I write a bit more clout. I have no illusions about becoming an Assistant Professor at my age.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land all the best to you. As long as you have something to contribute there should be a place for it! And Henry Kissinger and Bucky Fuller and a host of others taught/teach as long as they want to.

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Going to school for marine biology and i currently work in a pet store managing the fish department.

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@uberbatman it all comes together. You will be swimming with the dolphins yet.
Or NOAA in your future?

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Hey, how come I got 3 GA’s just for saying what I studied and what I do? Y’all fans of the profession? You should read the quarterly reports I write. Simply bitchin’.

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@anartist im honestly not sure where my future lies right now. Just know i want to do a lot of traveling. Im also minoring in photography so i plan on making that a big part of whatever it is i end up doing.

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@uberbatman best of luck to you

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thanks :)

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BS in Education. Wound up in customer service for 7 years, owned my own business for 4, and actually got a job, a couple of months ago, that actually utilizes my teaching degree!

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