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Are color contacts bad for you?

Asked by Luna (220points) April 28th, 2010

I really want to get color ocntacts becuase my eye color is just a boring dark brown like everyone else, but im not sure if it would be bad for me becuase without my contacts/glasses i can’t see a thing. one of my eye doctors told me that it wouldn’t be a good idea since my eye sight is already bad enough.

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Wait…what?! There are prescription color contacts. They are no more dangerous that clear contacts. As long as you take care of them and wear them as directed, they are not bad for you (unless your doctor had good reason to not want you to wear contacts)

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You can wear color contacts with glasses.
Like @TILA_ABs_NoMore said, there are prescription contacts that are colored.
I wouldn’t wear them without your glasses unless they are prescription, though.
Ask your eye doctor about the prescriptions if you’re that worried about your eye color.

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I don’t see any difference between colour contacts and clear contacts other than the colour. You can get prescription ones, like others have said.

I know someone who has colour contacts and she can see fine with them…she needs them to see, so they are a prescription. The only downside? She picked this very odd shade of BLUE that looks so unnatural, people gawk at her eyes when she talks.

So make sure you pick a good colour…

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@seekingwolf I have a bunch of random colored contacts from working at haunted houses. I’ll wear two different colors when I have to go run errands. I like reactions whenever I talk to people.

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My friend has colored contacts, and he uses them to correct vision. He has one like this. Yeah. Try not freaking out when you’re having a conversation with him. Lol! He also has one that is solid red and it makes my eyes want to bleed. It would kind of be fun to watch everyone react I guess.

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Color contacts are made out of the same materials and have the exact same effects on the eye as clear contacts.

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@Luna, what exactly did your eye doc say?

If you are already wearing soft contacts, most people wouldn’t have a problem with soft colored contacts. The only thing I see is that colored contact lenses don’t come in all the same parameters as clear contacts. Your power may be too high, cornea too flat/curved, etc.

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he just told me that he wouldnt suggest that i get colored contacts…he didnt tell me exactly why though….and yes im already wearing soft contacts.

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Obviously that wasn’t a good enough answer for you so you came on here. You can always call in and ask him again why specifically, and let him know that you really want colored contact lenses.

He’s the one who has all the training in the eyes and contacts, and he’s the one who’s actually seen your eyes so he would be the best one to advise you. That’s part of the service you paid for.

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Yeah sort of…perhaps a bit more turquoise and you got it!

I don’t think the gal realizes how ridiculous she looks…

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