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What outside forces cause you to lose your temper?

Asked by Rangie (3661points) April 28th, 2010

When my kids were teenagers, I would be busy around the house, and I would start to become agitated. Before I knew it, I was actually losing my temper over little things. I didn’t know why, until one day, after listening to their LOUD music, they turned it off. I took a big sigh of relief and realized it was the LOUD music that was causing it. Have you ever had that happen to you?

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religion and politics

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Homophobia, racism, sexism, religion, etc. Oh, and people that don’t do their job, break promises, are cowards, etc.

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I hate loud music! Things mechanical that are supposed to work and don’t make me crazy.

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Schoolwork. If I am having issues with my school work or if I have too much of it, I have a much shorter fuse. I’ve noticed this in the past few weeks when I’ve been getting angry more easily. When the summer comes, I imagine the same stuff will cause me minor irritation and then just roll off my back.

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The heat of the day, build my temper. It is too hard to cool off, and then it is hard to concentrate. Before I know it I start losing my temper over little things like my trifocals get in the way. Or when I try to pick something up off the floor and miss it 2 or 3 times. Or when the power goes out and stays out for 14 hours. You try to do something and find out you need power.

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Homophobia, child molesters, those who abuse animals and the elderly.

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Injustices to those I care about.

A high up guy at my company pulled a his IT guy into his office and just unloaded on him. He was yelling the whole time called the employee a nigger twice (and yes the IT guy is black). He specifically dragged the employee into his office for this so no one could overhear.

The guy who got yelled at left to work for another company.

The only discipline the man got was being forced to apologize.

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@Captain_Fantasy whoa, maybe it needs to be reported a little higher up. That is uncalled for and a good reason to dismiss that guy. It is things like that, that I tend to get involved, simply because it is not right. Then I would wind up in more trouble than the boss. I just can’t stand by and let things like that pass by without trying to do something.

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It went to the highest levels of the company. The people at the top mandated the apology.
This place kinda sucks.

Ultimately they said “we’re ok with racism if the racist is important enough to us”.

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@Captain_Fantasy Good for you. Too bad they didn’t demote the guy and put the employee in as his boss. :)

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Being hungry.


Noisy neighbours.

Males that walk around with their pants deliberately placed below their underpants.

Stupid people.

Deadbeats (i.e. benefit fraudsters).


And many, many more.

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@Rangie… Oh yes, the three kids are home, t.v on, radio, and all their friends. I want to rip someones head off. And they ask “whats wrong with you”

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@slick44 I am still laughing. And they are messing things up as fast as you clean it. Makes you wonder why we want to be parents, doesn’t it. :):) you forgot the dog barking. hehe

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Stupid working pracrices of other members of the NHS.

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@Lightlyseared Not all of us knows what NHS means.

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Lol ya that too.

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I have found from experience that it is usually me who causes me to lose my temper. It’s all about attitude.

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@MorenoMelissa1 How can you do that? You mean just you all by yourself?

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Fucking cigarette rolling machines that work like shit. Man I just about blew a fuse last evening rolling some. >_> Thing is, the fit extended itself for a good half hour after that, even though I was done with the machine.

Stupid little things that are supposed to work but don’t put me in a pissy mood. I hate shit like can openers that don’t open, computers that bug, buttons and zippers that jam or get stuck, buses that don’t get here on time, tracking buttons on VCR’s that never improved the image back in the day still haunt me, or whatever else that are made for our convenience but do a better job at failing or fucking up

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@Symbeline okay, got me laughing. Probably everybody is laughing. I think you are living my life, except for the cigarettes. You for got all the buzzers an bells that keep going of telling us what to do and when to do. I hate that too.
And the receipt you drop in the parking lot, and the wind picks it up and takes it a few feet away. You run and bend down to get it and it moves again. You look around to see if people think you look silly, The paper goes even further. You run and try to step on it. Finally, you get it, look at it and find out it was a receipt you really didn’t care about in the first place.

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Anything that repeatedly does not work, but not consistently enough to make me give up. (Usually something on the computer.)

And any third or fourth thing that goes wrong before I’ve had my breakfast.

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@Fyrius I can’t stand it when something doesn’t work right, like my computer. But, I wish I knew how to give up. I stay at it, and stay until I fix it. If there is something that makes me more angry than something that is not working, is to let it win. So far I have not had to take my computer in for repair. Now my glasses, that is another story. There are days when I just have trouble seeing. I blame the glasses and end up throwing them across the room.

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Bad drivers, make me loose it.

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@rangie you could always Google it.

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I should have known that. My son is in that book in I believe 1981 or there about, for music.

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@Lightlyseared Why do you say stupid working practices?

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uncooperative inanimate objects
and my mom

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Idiots. I can’t stand them.

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@DocteurAville So idiots make your temper flare, me too. What do you do about it. I usually lose my temper over an object, and then throw it down on the ground. I can’t throw an idiot down, so what should I do? What do you do?

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People who hate children and abuse lil kids

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@WolfFang That is more than temper for me, that is boil my blood temper, abusing kids and the elderly, like me.

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yeah, I think imma become a vigilant for abused kids…don’t tell anyone my identity though

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I’ll make a go of a list of things similar to what you mention, those things you’re not aware are bugging the hell out of you until they’re gone.

Neighbors who share walls then have music that vibrates the walls, floors or ceilings. I don’t give a damn if I like the music or not, the thumping drives me batty.

The soundtracks of video games where there is shooting or explosions, after an hour of “Kush! Boom! Aaaaaa!”, I get snarly.

Helicopters circling overhead.

The sound kids’ skateboards make when the tails slap the ground.

Dishwasher or washing machine/dryer going.

The kids who nags the parent incessantly with, “Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom hey look. Mom? Mom? Hey mom? Mom…

The sound of men spitting chew and saliva into cups or empty bottles. “Blap”, like a poop hitting water.

ok, that’s enough for now

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This is getting funnier and funnier. I love reading all of it.

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Pointless irritants wind me up…..
Like people driving at 40mph in a 60mph zone,
Or how I always crunch the Hoover into my ankle,
People who just stop infornt of you when walking, or have no general spatial awareness,
Border Collies,
Football / Soccer,
Tabloid newspapers,
Digital technology, especially computers!

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I actually kind of enjoy a band of idiots; it is like looking at a chicken convention… it’s better then going to the movies. In many instances it’s freee .
But again, if too exaggerated chickerish, then I just get irritated.

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The below could depend on were I am in my calender month lol:

Feeling tired,
Smelly armpits…lol mine aren’t smelly,
People who feel the need to tell lies,
My feet being touched (definitely depends on mood though),
Sitting for too long in one place,
Hormonal daughter,
Lights being left on when its not necessary,
Washing up,
Bad manners.

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Bad hair days.
people dropping by without calling
friends that stay too long
literally watching my flowers disappear into the ground…gopher
Parents that let their children act out in the store

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Lol and I can go on…..

Re-making beds after the beddings been washed
People who sneeze repetitively
Dog poo
People who fail to use their indicators at a roundabout
Excessive lateness.
People beeping their car horns early in the morning when your in bed
Footballs being kicked against the wall

There grump, grump, grump…off loaded now, feel much better :)

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@definitive thanks, you made me feel better too. I feel like a load has been lifted off of my shoulders.:):):)

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@Rangie… Yes! bad hair

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Visiting someone that has cats, with cat hair all over everywhere. You literally cannot sit down, but don’t want to be rude, so you do. Now you take the damn cat hair home with you, and pick it off for a few days, because it is all over your car.

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Jeez…would you all like some cheese with your whine! lol

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@Coloma Jeez, we are just having fun. can’t you think of something funny that is irritating?

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I’m razzing you guy’s, you all really got on a roll here! lol

Specifics..hmmm, well….lets see….

I never lose my temper, I do feel annoyed @

Junk mail

Loud rap music

oblivious people

barking dogs

my allergies

busy bodies & gossip mongers

my bank conversion this week….Iost in the semi-existence zone ( I’ve been found )

just the usual minor life stuff….lol

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@Coloma glad you joined in with us. I love reading all of these things. I can identify with some of them and it makes me laugh.

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@Coloma .. yes please. I like sharp cheddar

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