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Is there a term for a person that gets unrelenting (and non-sexual) pleasure out of flatulating and wanting other people to smell it?

Asked by beautifulbobby193 (1699points) April 28th, 2010

I have seen people do this all the time. Sometimes they deliberately fart next to the person they want to smell it, sometimes they go as far as shovelling the smell towards the nose of the person, and sometimes they will try to fart on a (small) item and then move that item close to the nose of their victim. Sometimes it will even happen in bed with a partner and the smell is wafted up towards their face with a subtle shake of the duvet.

Is this a maturity issue where some men never really grow up? Or, is it some form of mental issue that makes a person feel amusement from an act considered by many as sick and slightly disturbing? And do women do the same thing or is it primarily men?

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Yes, they are called, ‘an older brother’.

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Farts are just funny. They get funnier the closer they get to a persons face.

I belive it says in the bible:

Genesis 8:1
And God made a wind blow over the earth, and the waters subsided. A stain left in his shorts, and all the land did giggle.

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An idiot.

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Lack of maturity IS a mental issue.

Symbolic of a low IQ too IMO.

Farting glee should lose it’s impact much after 7th grade, maybe 8th for those that are slower.

Good grief..if an adult man farted on me or wafted the smell in my direction that would be the last time he ever darkened my duvet. No pun intended. lol

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I suppose there must be some severe psychological revelation to relay to anyone who practises ninja farting with such a serious allure to it as if it were a craft, but I denno the proper term so I shall utilize fucking retard. It’s funny if it’s a joke once in a while, but if it defines one’s social life, it’s just freaky.

I knew someone like that in high school, but his thing was burps. He was this really ugly lookin bugger who looked like a bison, and he always burped in people’s faces or wafted the smell towards them.

Last of him I saw on Facebook he was a suicidal 32 year old virgin haha.

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edit: prolificus

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Call me crazy all you want….farts are hilarious…almost as hilarious as old people falling down ahahahahaha! Geeez people loosen up a little

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@TILA_ABs_NoMore Like Mrs. Fletcher from the Life Call ad: “I’ve fallen… and I can’t get up”!

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they have a name : Ulises, my fiance.

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@ChazMaz thats hilarious. the proximity to someones face reminds me of one time many years ago i was hanging out with a group of people and my friend steve was laying on the floor staring at the ceiling. suddenly out of nowhere my then-boyfriend crabwalked very quickly over to steve and farted literally in his nose. it was the funniest thing i’ve ever seen, seirously, and i never find farts funny. well, sometimes, but not always that funny. steve gagged for 10 minutes and i believe he was quoted as saying “IT WENT UP MY NOSE”....hahahahahalfdsjsdf

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is just for the guys. I’ve had girls do this to me. I’m going to go throw up now.

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Immature asshole.

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Ick, immature idiot.

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loll…did i really read that?

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A flatulist.

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* giggle * I can’t help it… I do fart on my partner. I tell him I have a present for him first though.

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Jerk. Some people do it on rare occasion to prank each other (co workers) but if someone becomes known for doing this then that’s just sad and offensive. There should be more to one’s claim to fame then being the fart bomber. Damn.

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Is their a specific term for one who practices “Dutch Oven’s” on the S/O?

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I hate toilet humor!

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seriously, flatulating should be a private matter! it is being respectful to the people around you!

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@faye ditto my friend!

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I think there are plenty of words for that sort of person. None of those words would get past Fluther’s moderators.

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The term is “Provlear”

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