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Is getting an apprenticeship, the only way of becoming a piercing artist?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350points) April 28th, 2010

Or are there some online courses I can take?

Or if the apprenticeship is the only way. What are some things I can do or classes I can take, to have a higher chance of attaining that apprenticeship with reputable artist and/or shop?

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I’ve never heard of any schools for such things. Since the skill is so “hands on”, I would think that apprenticeship would be the only way to go.

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The piercing industry is dangerous because it impacts the public health but there is no accountability.
I think all piercers should be licensed by some sort of central authority.
The fact that any one can be a piercer so long as they have a needle or a gun is ridiculous

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It sounds like a good way. Find the best place you can to apprentice. Preferably one that uses safe, hygienic methods. Protect yourself from future lawsuits by learning industry best practices.

Nursing background would be best. Beautician training might be second.

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college courses on blood pathogens, cross contamination, and any course that would be taken by a phlebotomist is a great start.

@Captain_Fantasy There is the AAP, which certifies piercers. Many piercers are not AAP certified, but the ones who are would be the ones you could trust.

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In Oregon (and probably most other states) you need to be licensed. Here is some info. If you dig around you will find a list of classes you need to take to get licensed. Completing those classes first might make it a bit easier to find a apprenticeship. I know a few people that do piercings and tattoos and they got into it from knowing people that had shops and needed help. It would probably be pretty hard to get into the field without knowing someone.

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@Captain_Fantasy…that isn’t true here in Minnesota…you have to be legally certified by the state, and have taken courses by the Red Cross or Local Health Department, on Basic Cardiovascular Anatomy, Dermatology, and Blood Transmitted Pathogens. or so i have read.

@anartist thanks…i’ve been learning from my mum (who is a former nurse) about health risks and anatomy, Blood Transmitted Pathogens and so on…

@filmfann thanks…i’ll look into the local schools about these courses

@johnpowell well i know a couple, Husband and Wife, that work in two separate parlors as Tattoo Artists, here in my city…but only second hand through my mum…so i want to have as much classes and what not under my belt before i go talking to them…so the know i’m serious…my mum used to talk to the two of them a few years ago, when i would cause issues in the house…i’ve been to therapy since then and turned my life around…but they only know me as that trouble making punk…and might not trust me at first

so i want to do all i can to make sure they realize i’m a new man and ready to work and learn in a serious and dedicated manner

thanks every one

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The comma after apprenticeship does not belong.

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@Provlear I! couldn’t, care less. old boy!....(that enough grammatical mistakes for

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