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Getting back with your S/O?

Asked by lostman (128points) April 28th, 2010

Tell me about your personal experience where you thought you would never get back with your S/O after either a mutual breakup or a very rough break up. Were yall able to work things out? If so how are yall today?

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No way would I try to work things out. He thought the grass was greener on the other side. Only see each other when it involves our children and I still have a hard time being cordial, but only do it for the kids. That is the only communication we have.

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I’ve done that twice.

The first time was with a guy I’d been with for about 2 months. He was a jerk. We fought and broke up. I realize now that I had very low self esteem, so I cried and cried and we got back together. He was still a jerk and we broke up for real soon after.

The second time was with my current boyfriend. We’d been together 2 years. Things had been wonderful, but communication broke down, we got in a dumb but loaded fight and broke up. I realized I was happier with him, the mistakes I had made, and we talked and talked and talked and gave it another shot. It’s been another year, and we’re very happy.

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I tried that with my ex. We went back and forth, back and forth… Emotionally, I felt like a a very long, stretched out piece of Silly Putty. We couldn’t make it work after 13 years and I don’t know why I thought a little more time might help but it sure didn’t.

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I don’t think anyone should ever get back with their s/o. The relationship would never be the same. Someone would bring up the past and start pointing fingers. Time to move on.

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I’ve never wanted to do it but I have several friends who tried and in all instances then they were hurt just as bad or worse all over again. A few people I’ve known even divorced then remarried or tried to remarry their exes- those had the worst results.

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I had that experience too. Back then, getting back with my ex was the most sensible thing to do because I know it was the only way to find out whether we’re really meant to be together or not. It didn’t work out, but I am very grateful to have answered all the whys through my own self-discovery.

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I broke up with my girl frend like 5 years ago, but now we are very good frends. Im starting to get the idea though that she likes me again, but im not gona try going out with her for the second time.

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Sorry, I’ve never done the break up, make up, break up, make up thing.

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To make a long story short, months after a break up that was pretty much the equivalent of watching the sun go out, we realized that it was a situation of our own making and with time and a whole lot of want to and understanding, unmade it. To this day she is my dearest and closest friend and I hers. We love each other and while our relationship is not what we envisioned it would be all those years ago, I don’t believe either of us would trade it for anything.

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