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Asked by Roo (9points) March 12th, 2008 from iPhone

what’s the deal with this term and what it can do for the iPhone, some one enlighten me

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If you don’t know, you don’t need to worry about it.

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GOD, some answers are just boring on this site. Why don’t you people try to help instead…?

Jailbreaking is opening up the iPhone to new applications through a piece of software called or Cydia. Loads of differnet programs and games are available and enhances you iPhone experience.

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@HeNkiSdaBro: pointing the person to a better source of information is help.

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everything henkisdabro said is right, but apple is coming out with an update in June(I think its June) that legally allows third party applications to be put on your phone.
For more info go to

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@trogdor: just to clarify because I’ve seen it thrown around quite often on Fluther. Current third-party apps are not “illegal” in the formal sense of the word. They’re just not allowed at this time. The “legal” apps coming in June could be better described as “official,” since Apple is now allowing developers access to the iPhone’s core by releasing the SDK.

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@HeNkiSdaBro: Fluther isn’t (and shouldn’t become) a search engine replacement. If you have a broad question, like “what is jailbreaking?” a search engine like Google is going to get you better results than Fluther.

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May I pose a second question within a question thread? I hope so, ‘cause here goes: Does “jailbreaking” an iPhone void its warranty?

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Yes, and it’s very likely that the next time you install an Apple software update, your phone will stop working altogether. This is known as “bricking,” and Apple won’t help you fix it.

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@cwilbur: It’s not “very likely,” but it is possible, and it’s better to be safe than sorry and restore your phone to its original state before performing updates.

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Yeah. I imagine they wouldn’t be all that helpful. But, knowing this why are there so many “jailbreak” phones being sold on eBay?

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Are they “jailbroken” or are they “unlocked?” Jailbroken means you can add applications to the phone. Unlocked means that you can use it on networks other than AT&T. People buying unlocked phones on ebay are probably using them in countries where the iPhone is not sold yet.

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Oh. Good point. I guess I’d have to look again to make certain. Does the same apply for un-locked phones? Or is that a whole ‘nother matter?

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Jailbreaking & unlocking both involve hacking the phone, though unlocking is a much more in-depth change to the system than jailbreaking, and you’re more likely to damage a phone this way. That’s not to say jailbreaking is safe, because it, too, can damage your phone if not done correctly.

Regardless, you are risking your own warranty if you decide to do either of these to an iPhone. If you try to have Apple repair a phone that has been hacked, they will refuse to service it and void your warranty on the spot.

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Thanks for the low-down on phone hacks. I feel two steps behind in this technology. I am so thankful though that I passed on one of the phones from eBay and went right to the source. I’d be kicking myself if I had a $500 phone that was without warranty right out of the box.

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