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Will my skin tighten up after I've lost weight?

Asked by TILA_ABs_NoMore (895points) April 29th, 2010

I’m 29 years old with 2 kids. I have lost a significant amount of weight a couple of times when I was younger and my skin had no problem tightening up. Buuuut I’ve lost 30 lbs since January and I notice now that it’s not rebounding like it used to. I almost feel like I look worse because I feel all squishy :-). I know that skin loses elasticity as we age so I know this is not uncommon. Has anyone near my age ever lost alot of weight and was able to tighten back up? Or am I doomed because of my age?!? Any specific exercises that actually worked for you? I don’t want to look like Im melting lol!!

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Best thing is to tighten up the muscles underneath and stay hydrated.

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@Taciturnu I do ALOT of strength training. The muscle definition is there (under all the squishy lol). Just wondering if it’s even possible? Or am I being ridiculous in thinking that I’m too old for it to happen?!?

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There’s no real trick other than that. (Creams, supplements, etc don’t provide any visible results if any at all.) If I remember correctly, it takes 2 years for your skin to tighten as much as it will. Beyond that, it’s either a tummy tuck or be happy with what you have. :)

Congrats on the loss!

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@Taciturnu Two years huh? That’s very helpful to know..that there’s still hope anyway. Thanks!!

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Check out Thermage too.

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This might be an old wives’ tale, but I use shea butter or cocoa butter on my skin. Good luck with your weight loss!

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How did you lose the weight? Well done. If in a few years, you are still unhappy, get a tummy tuck. Just make sure never to gain the weight back.

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The older you get the less likely skin “bounces back” after losing weight. I have a hard time believing it will get better over two years, but I am no expert. If your skin is jiggly because there is still a fat layer that is one thing, if it is simply the skin sagging – surgery. At least that is how I understand it.

The whole thing about being hydrated I doubt will help. The chance that you are dehydrated to the point that it affects your skin is very unlikely.

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You’re only 29…. that’s fairly young. In addition to having good muscle tone and hydration, it is crucial to lose slowly, so your skin can keep up with the changes. Drastic loss can make the skin worse.

I’ve also read that it can take up-to 2 years for the skin to finally shrink as tight as possible following significant weight loss – which is why they suggest that you maintain the weight loss for a couple years before considering any tummy-tuck or similar procedures.

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My friend swears that dairy and vitamin D and E are good for your skin tone.

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Blah. I don’t think dairy is good for anything.

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Thanks everyone! :-)

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