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Have you ever tried Amanita muscaria?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21462points) April 29th, 2010

There was a Bouncing Bear Botanicals ad in my Gmail today. I ordered salvia from them a couple years ago, so I clicked to see what else they had.

I’m surprised, but they sell Amanita muscaria. I’m kind of a psychonaut and like to alter my mind/consciousness in a spiritual way every now and then, so I’m kind of curious about the Amanita. I did read up on it on Erowid, but everyone took them and stayed indoors and I’m especially curious as to whether anyone’s done them outside, in the woods, etc. and what that was like.

Have you tried it? What was it like?

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No. I’m still alive. :-)

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You are aware that it’s not lethal, right? I mean, given you take the correct ones, they’re processed correctly, and you take an intelligent dosage?

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@MissAnthrope they actually are lethal. They, unlike psilocybin mushrooms actually do poison your body, that is why you trip.

Anywhooooooo yes, I do have experience with them.

I bought 2 ounces online some years back. When they came in the mail, i took them to a friends house. A few friends and I began to eat them. We all had about an 8th each. Then we waited… and waited… and waited… nothing. So a friend and I ate some more and waited then ate some more and waited again. All said and done we probably ate close to a half ounce. Then some more waiting. “Ah fuck it, nothing is going to happen, lets smoke”

Then it was like i got punched in the face by the god of hallucinogens and i was fucking gone.

It came on really fast once it actually took hold. I tripped face for about a half hour while being pretty much dead to the world. I remember people asking me if i was ok but not really being able to respond, but overall i was ok at this point.

Then I started getting really hot, sweating a lot, and salivating uncontrollably.

At about the hour mark or at least it felt like an hour I became violently ill. Que the unstoppable diarrhea and vomiting…. at the same time…. while tripping face. Talk about an experience. I spent the next ~4 hours on the toilet. If my eyes were closed, i was fine, just tripping real hard, but the second i opened my eyes, i lost it and vomited again. It got bad when there was nothing left in me and i was just dry heaving.

I honestly for a good period of time thought that i had ingested too much, poisoned myself and was going to die. And i must say, coming to grips with your own fate is a very profound and powerful experience.

The most vivid part of my trip that I can remember was seeing this altar atop a mountain. (kind of akin to what you would see in a movie about ancient greece) And around the perimeter of this plateau were symbols. Symbols of all the prominent religions. And then they all slowly merged into one huge symbol and it showed me all religion is essentially the same thing. Then the altar and symbols started morphing into these demons and creatures and intense fear came over my body. So i opened my eyes, and threw up lol.

Out of all the hallucinogens ive taken (read:a lot) the amanita trip was by far the darkest of them all. That said, i still would not consider it a bad trip. I will more than likely never do them again, but I did take some really powerful lessons away from the experience as a whole.

It also taught me, that no matter how bad things are, there is a lesson to be learned.

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I know they can be lethal, but that’s not what I meant. If taking the correct ones that have been processed correctly (to make them less toxic), and also taking an intelligent dosage, they should not kill you. And, just out of curiosity, I thought Psilocybin caused hallucinations because of the poison/toxicity reaction?

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no, psilocybin contains 4-OPO- DMT and 4-OH- DMT

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Interesting, thanks. :)

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hooray for being a drug nerd :P

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Haha.. actually, I’m a quasi-drug nerd. I find the science behind it fascinating, I like to know how and why things work. I’m not really sure Amanita is for me.. from what I’ve read, people have described it as a DXM-like delirium.. I tried DXM once and hated it.

I was hoping it was something like Psilocybin, but it seems not. I really want to do a Psilocybin trip in the woods, I’m due for a spiritual journey, to meld with nature, get close to the Divine, have some deep thoughts, and get lost in the utter beauty of nature. Probably not going to happen any time soon, though.

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I is huge drug nerd but that much is obvious :P but like you, im fascinated by the science behind it. DMT is by far the most interesting and intriguing substance to me. But anyway, yea, amanita is nothing like psilocybin. While it did have hallucinogenic qualities it did feel very much like a deliriant. I personally would just stay away from it.

Though very very short lived, i have had some pretty profound spiritual experiences on nitrous. May be worth a shot since its legal in most states and easily accessible.

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I tried nitrous.. didn’t do much for me by itself and with pot, it was too overwhelmingly intense. Pleasurably intense, but waaaay too much. All I could do is lie back and go Gaaaaaaaaahhhhdduuuuh. Heh.

I live in N. Cali.. I know they exist, I mean, people traipse around in Humboldt Forest just picking them as they grow wild.. I just haven’t met the right people yet. ;) I have this dream that I’ll meet someone who will teach me what they look like and stuff, so I could feel safe about picking them myself.

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It was December 12, 1993.

I drank some Amanita Muscaria tea at a Grateful Dead show. A lot of it.

I was severely blissful throughout that entire show. In fact I was so happy, I had no sensation of pain anywhere. Anything could have occurred to me and it would not have hurt. I had to consciously remember to not run into walls or fall over ledges.

My sense of depth was all twisted around into crazy parameters. Things that were far looked close, and things that were close looked far. I could smell colors and taste music (which is synesthesia, a common occurrence on lots of psychedelics).

I’ve also had a terrible experience or two on other, safer mushrooms. But those experiences taught me valuable things that I’m very happy to know, and benefit greatly from now. I also know if the mushrooms are not crispy cracker dry from point of origin… they may contain fungi that can cause nausea.

Lots of coincidences occurred that night. I came across my next door childhood neighbor during intermission. I came across my cousin. I came across my best friend from 2nd grade. I saw people from work there. I danced with the nicest beautiful girls and alongside great people and shared joints with four generations of people.

The music of the show was amazing starting out with Shakedown Street, identifying with the scene outside, with everyone vending their wares, and ending with Around and Around and an encore of I Fought the Law but the Law Won, as a nod to the San Diego Police who made a heavy presence. The middle of the show had an amazing 14 minute drum set that blew my mind, I left my body literally and met other people in the ether above the seats, who left their bodies, too. The 14 minutes of drums morphed into a space-jazz jam that started out very scary, very creepy, very nervewracking. The audience became jittery and scared. People fidgeted. Cigarettes got lit. Others just stared ahead in total nervous awe. But the longtime trippers knew not to worry. Just wait and let the music carry you for good or bad to where it is going. And this scary jam meandered for a very clammy feeling 9 minutes or so, conjuring up everyone’s personal demons in their own minds for them to acknowledge and face, but before 10 minutes of this were up, the space-jam morphed into a beat and a rhythm, and beautiful waves of warmth came out of Jerry’s guitar and showered the audience with loving springtime renewal and the jazzy scary air was cleared, and tears came out and smiles formed, and formerly nervous asses started getting out of seats and dancing to a beautiful rendition of The Wheel Small wheel turns by the fire and rod, big wheel turns by the grace of God; every time that wheel turns round, bound to cover just a little more ground The audience exploded in happiness and all remaining order of which-seat-belongs-to-who gave way to a bachnallian eruption of dancing and celebration.

After the show there was much food and partying in the parking lot, then I walked home after the cops cleared the area. I walked home because I was still tripping hard as ever. On the way home, a guy driving a pickup pulls up. “Great show! Get in, I’ll take you home!”.

So i got in, and he’s driving, and he says “Are you tripping?” I said “Yeah, I ate mushrooms”. He then said, “Oh yeah? me too!”

At the next red light, I told him I didn’t need a ride no more, and got out and walked the rest of the way home, but not before stopping at the beach where the parking lot party was inevitably moved to.

So I can say I had some Amanita and it was really, really nice.

Here’s the show I was at:

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Wow.. that sounds like an amazing time! I’m really sad I missed the whole Dead thing, the experience of being at the shows. It sounds like you and everyone had an amazing time.. I wish I’d gotten to experience that feeling. Thanks for sharing that. :)

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