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Bedroom wrong name snafu, is there any save you can do?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) April 29th, 2010

We have all just about seen it on TV or in the movies the guy/girl in the throes of passion calls out the wrong name in bed (I have only heard of it happening to one man and it was not me), but if it ever happened in life is there really any come back or save for that one? Do you grab your toothbrush and pack your bags, grovel for forgiveness, lie, anything?

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I’m not sure about this. I suppose one could claim it was a random name from a porno vid. Or that one was thinking about someone else at the time. Or it was a Freudian slip. Or one could even deny it just happened.

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Unequivocal denial…..absolutely!!!! Never had the problem though

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@wundayatta “*I suppose one could claim it was a random name from a porno vid. Or that one was thinking about someone else at the time.”* Ummmmm….the guy can A. tell her he caller some porn star from an old vid, or the same of someone else he was thinking of as he boinked her……I feel his toothbrush being swiftly packed already har har

@plethora I guess whoever better hope it didn’t happen while making a private sex tape or the deed will be recorded and can’t be denied. :-)

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Just make it a rule of thumb to “Meg Ryan” the situation (her famous making orgasm sounds scene) instead of using names and save yourself the otherwise much more possible hassle

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My husband once called me by his ex-wife’s name. I told him “Man, I hope I’m better than that!!” and we laughed. He was kind of embarrassed, but I just took it to mean he was that comfortable with me. They were married for 18 years; it was bound to happen sometime.

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@laureth <Heart of Gold award to Laureth> most women I know would have bitch slapped him or squeezed off his chestnuts har har har

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This is a good reason to have one pet name for all your relationships. You…you.. man you.

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@laureth yes, good on you.

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Snafu, SNAFU? lololol

Uh, I’d say it’s a little more than a snafu. ( I am so cracking up at that word! )

I wouldn’t add insult to an already insulting and maybe even injurious situation.

I’d take it like a man/ woman? bend over, suck it up and take your lumps! haha

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None. The damage is done. Say hello to good old Mr Couch.

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Hasn’t happened before not even when I was in a relationship with two people.

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If it was Natascha, you can say that you sneezed.

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Um, I was gonna say Mary never made me feel this so intensly.

I love you!

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Sure…blend it into a song…yes,that’s it ;)

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Or….do as I have done…light some candles close to the curtains so your room explodes in flames in the ‘heat’ of the moment.

The excitement of a flaming wall will mask the slip of the tongue. lololol

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@laureth You are a wonderful woman..:)

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Wow, I certainly wouldn’t take it well. The only thing that would save my husband if he did it is if he suffered from a concussion that same day and he said the nurses name because he had a flash back of the hospital.
There you go. If a guy/girl was suffering from PTSD and they called out the name of a fallen or injured soldier whom they were close with.

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@Pandora Have a heart….:):)

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Plus, it’s one thing to call your wife Mary when her name is Helen, but another thing entirely to call her AstroChuck.

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@plethora I do. I didn’t say I would kill him, or burn all his clothes. He just had better had a knock to the head before he made that mistake is all. :)))

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@Pandora Well you know he would…if not before then immediately after..:)

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I just use Astrochuck as my default scream with all the women (read: none) that I sleep with.

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You could always pretend you have Tourette Syndrome or keep a Snickers bar on the bedside table. Not going anywhere for a while?

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@plethora There you go. That might work too. I would think he had some mental breakdown that caused him to injure himself. :)

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@Pandora So, if he did not halready have a knot on his head when he made the slip you’d give him a serious case of “bumpus of the nogginous?”

@filmfann Astrochuck maybe cute (as a kid) but I don’t think I would invoke him in the bedroom :-p

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I don’t cheat on him or think of other men, so I have no fears about screaming his name.

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I think groveling for forgiveness would be the only option for me. Seems like lying would be piling the dirt into the grave you already dug yourself.

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Run!.....the shoe is flying behind you!

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