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Can I jailbrake the 3gs I just got?

Asked by TylerM47 (10points) April 29th, 2010 from iPhone
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Is there a good reason to do it?

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Yes, you can.

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Actually, resdsn0w can’t yet jailbreak the 3gs, or new ipod touches that have just been put out, buthey are working on it.

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I ran my 3gs jailbroken for awhile, off & on, but I always ran into more memory issues.

Then there’d be an update & I’d go back to “stock” for awhile.

Honestly, I’d wait if I were you. iPhone 4.0 OS will be released in June, and it’s going to be sweet. I’m running the beta 1 now and I love the folders & multitasking.

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@netgrrl, oooh. Tell me, do you find yourself using the multitasking feature more or less than you thought? I feel like it’s a feature I think I really want, but when I finally get it, I’ll barely use it. Like copy & paste. I thought I wanted it, but when I did get it, I used it once & that was just to test to see if it worked.

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Yes but it’s very complicated. If you just bought it, then it should have the newest firmware which cant be jailbroken yet. You’ll need to downgrade to a lower firmware but stay at 3.0. Once you’ve done that, then can it be jailbroken by blackra1n.

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The multitasking became transparent pretty quickly. Plus its only been a few weeks so I’m still at that stage where I forget I can do things now. :)

But 4.0 still has some bugs. I haven’t installed beta 2 yet bc it breaks the camera.

(I have a friend who’s an app developer & he’s added me to his dev list, which is why I have it installed at all.)

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