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What is the daily lifestyle of a billionaire?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10724points) April 29th, 2010

Do billionaires wear clothes only once? Do they only eat food with a pedigree? Sure…butlers, private planes, solid gold toilets with attendants, (and I know this sounds stupid) but is that all? Besides access to rediculous opulence, what’s the real benefit to having that much money?

For the sake of the question please try to consider personal lifestyle rather than overall affect that one has on influencing the world.

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Having that kind of money to throw around, I feel like it is a free pass to see the world. Because let’s face it, money makes things possible. I would love to travel the world, but I can barely afford the cab fare to get to the airport. If I had that kind of money, I’d give my home away & I would visit every place on this Earth. I would’t have jobs to worry about, bills to pay, animals to feed & let out to go to the bathroom. I would just go from place to place, meeting as many people as I could & seeing everything there is. This world is so big & I hate that I will most likely die here in my own country, without having seen even a fraction of this awesome planet. Which explains why I watch BBC’s Life & Planet Earth series a lot.

That mental image of a cartoon billionaire who just sits in his own filth, in one spot in his mansion, never seeing the world around him makes me sick to my stomach.

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Everything in life becomes mundane. I am sure that is true for billionaires as well.

After awhile what was once novel or extraodinary, becomes merely ordinary.

You don’t have to be a billionare to know this.

They can just afford to collect more experiences that become mundane. lololol

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@rpmpseudonym Travel is great. That said, how do you think a billionaire who has cooled their jets, so to speak, and stopped world travelling after many years of it, spends their time?

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@Ltryptophan Personally, I don’t think 20 years is enough time to see the world. When I say see the world, for me, I want to see all of it. Not just stop in on the big locations that are featured on travel channel.

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@rpmpseudonym just trying to steer you toward normal daily lifestyle. I see that is how you would spend your time as a billionaire.

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Two weeks in any place is plenty of time to soak up the flavor.

Hmmm…theres some math for ya, how many travel destinations x 2 weeks per city, area, province….

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Oh, I guess I was expressing my daily hypothetical lifestyle if I was that rich. For the ‘common’ billionaire, it saddens me to think how boring life must be. I guess it would feel like, if you started the game Monopoly with all the money from the bank tucked under your side of the game board & you owned every property with hotels on them. It would feel like there is no reason to play the game. You won. It’s very boring.

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Again, @rpmpseudonym I like your answer, don’t get me wrong. But, I am specifically asking how these people live?

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I guess, take a look at the examples we have before us. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, etc. They lead semi-boreing lives. Going from here to there for meetings & such. They don’t seem too extravagant. There are biographies on these guys in bookstores. Pick one up & read through it. It will give you a great understanding of where they came from, how they came to be billionaires & what they do now.

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@Coloma based on your recommended time of acquaintance, I estimate that it would take 42 years 4 months to see every country in the world. I calculated that there are 200 countries. 75 I gave the potential of having 8 places worth visiting for two weeks. The other 125 I imagine have 4 places worth two weeks. That is 2200 weeks, divided by 52.

A more conservative estimate would be to change those other 125 countries to a number like 1.8 places worth 2 weeks. This makes it nearly 32 years. So somewhere pretty close to most of your adult life if you became a billionaire at say 18. If you didn’t mind starting when you were ten, then I think you could be done by your late fifties.

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I really haven’t a semidecent vague notion based on any personal knowledge. I don’t even know anyone who could be called “rich.” But I’d be willing to hazard two guesses: (1) that they have to spend a significant amount of time preoccupied with the tiresome business of being billionaires and staying billionaires, which is to say taking care of their money and (2) that it isn’t much like anything you see in the movies.

If I were a billionaire, I’d own a quiet place with a nice view, a house not too large so it isn’t a long walk from room to room, and hire somebody to come through and take care of the housekeeping when I’m not there. Otherwise I’m not sure I’d do much different from what I do now, and I sure wouldn’t give up my comfortable clothes. I think I’d give a lot of money away.

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For billionaires who don’t have to do a lot of work to keep the money rolling in, I’m sure they spend a lot of time trying to give their lives meaning. Collecting art, learning languages, travelling all over the world, building hotels, cruising around in their Batmobiles…

From the billionaires or very rich people I am (very distantly) acquainted with, or know of, they just have a lot more freedom to take on the outrageous hobbies and projects that the rest of us only dream of.

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they would have to deal with telling people what to do and people sucking up.

checking their finances. and self-indulgence

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I picture them swimming in their money Scrooge McDuck -style.

On a more serious note, I think many of them are probably lonely and sad. It’s hard to know people’s true intentions when there’s so much money around: “Would my wife love me if I were poor? Do my friends really like me for who I am? etc.”

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A constant intake of viagra in a vain attempt to get their decrepit dicks up & running,leaves it’s mark on these wealthy dullards.I mean what with their pretty but dumb bimbo’s expensive habits they have to have some form of payback.

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I wake up at 7ish like most people, and check emails on one giant LED screen computer, while fluthering on the other. In the East Wing, Snookie prepares my favourite blueberry muffins, as it’s Friday – i.e. muffin day.

I have about a dozen newspapers in front of me, all turned to the comics section. The business section is removed in advance – I mean, b-o-r-i-n-g. I got billions.

Wife number three takes a shower, leaving number two to, well, you know. Wife numbers one and four decide to have a threesome with me – yay! morning sex.

Wife number five has coffee and answers the doorbell – it’s fedex with that new pole for the classes she’s taking…

And the day begins.

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They wake up and get out of bed and throw a shoe at the life sized waxed figure of Obama standing in the corner. Turn on Fox news to get the latest. Call up work to say they will be coming in late. Arrange their tee time for the afternoon. Call up the RNC to pledge more donations. Make a sandwich and sit on the veranda reading the Wall Street Journal. Go to work, come home eat cold left over pizza…go upstairs throw another shoe at Obama and go to bed.

Unless of course it is Al Gore who will hop on his private Gulf Stream jet and fly to nis new 9 million dollar home in California to do the same as above.

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helleva i know!

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Well…then how ‘bout you and I do some traveling! lol

Of course not every country would hold appeal, so for me, I might spend 3 months in Tahiti and only 3 days in Istanbul. It’d balance out. ;-)

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True story…the richest man in our area…owns thousands of acres etc! Owned Handcock Fabric and at one time, had over 300 stores. He drove an older model pickup and wore overalls! Gave millions of dollars to our school system here. Gave them the land to build the school. Also, gave them an 300 unit apartment complex.

Also, a guy i played basketball with in college and my roommate, became a multi-millionaire. He started off cooking eggs for Waffle House….eventually was the manager of all the Waffle houses in Fl…later, the owner gave him a percentage of the Waffle House to run them. Later, his boss started building Ritz Carlton’s and my friend was his right hand man. He had his on jet plane, gave millions to our university, and one the building is named after him.

BUT, 19 years ago, he invited me to Atlanta to play in the member-guest golf tourn. at the Atlanta Country Club. He was the biggest ass…..he would be eating his food and would not clean his mouth. In front of his mother, would say the F-word, G.D. etc…

BTW, met Mr. Handcock once…he had just finished his meal at local restuarant and invited me an my S/O over to his table. A REAL gentleman.

So, bottomline, some rich people know how to live with the money, some don’t..

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I wouldn’t know from experience because I don’t know any personally but I would imagine that they have to deal with a lot of people who only want to be around them and know them because of what they have, not who they are the inside which could lead to paranoia. No wonder so many filthy rich people are weirdos!

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I know a fair number of billionaires because I was in the dot-com industry before the first crash. Quite a few who sold out at the right time became billionaires. They’re pretty normal people overall. Unless they’re invalids, they dress and feed themselves, and they wipe their own butts when they go to the bathroom. True weirdness, like Michael Jackson’s excesses, are very unusual and as MJ found out, you can’t live like that, buying non-stop, and remain a billionaire. A few billionaires like Paul Allen become somewhat reclusive and get into some unusual or exotic hobbies, but most attend to their businesses, get involved with charities, and try to stake out some quality time with their families.

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Maybe they use an intercom system when they get up:
“Jenkins, wash and wax the Rolls.”
“George, bring the Rolls around at 9 IN CASE I want to go out.”
“Hazel, bring me the following to my room for breakfast…..”
“Joe, wash the dogs please.”
“Hazel, come get my grocery list at 10.”
“Joe, get “Dottie” on the phone for me and speak quietly.

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@Aster, that might be a good way to plow THROUGH a billion, but people who EARNED their billions know the meaning of thrift. Warren Buffet is one of the world’s richest billionaires, and he lives in a modest house he bought in Omaha Nebraska for $31,500. He drives his own car to work every day. The last I heard he was driving a 4 year old Cadillac.
Sam Walton, who became a billionaire by creating the Wal-Mart chain, drove himself around in an old beat-up pickup truck, and often wore coveralls and a baseball cap.

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Give me 10 years and I be able to give you first hand knowledge of what I do…I would do research and make the world a better place…and beef and broccoli until I’m full

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