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What would the world look like if everyone were loving for just one day?

Asked by silverfly (4045points) April 30th, 2010

What if we woke up today and everyone (in the whole world) was respectful, cheerful, and sincerely loving to one another? What if, just for one day, we all made decisions based on the impact of others rather than greed, money, etc.? Would this have a significant impact on the world even if it was just a day? What do you think would happen in the days after?

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I would be pleased to be alive for that one day.

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It could start a movement, which would be wonderful!

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For just one day? We would have 364 days of anarchy!

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It would take longer than a day for the impact to be recognized and appreciated. It is a great idea but if done for only one day, most people would probably be more confused than grateful.

What a day it would be if it was the start of a longterm pattern of loving behaviour.

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That is an awesome thought.

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It would be boring.

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Peaceful, at least for a day.

After that, I really want to believe it would have a lasting impact where people would learn to seek happiness from within and in harmony with the efforts of others. But I’m jaded, it’s too easy to envision a breakdown, with anger, blame, confusion, and frustration quickly following.

With only one day, many likely wouldn’t understand the significance of it or would jump to conclusions rather than exploring it.

After a few days it would probably fade like a dream for most and their thoughts would flow back to their habits of old, leaving many as ignorant as before and some even more determined than ever to replicate it but without the insight necessary to do so.

But for a few, I believe it would stick, causing enough wonder, excitement, and curiosity to change their views and outlook on the world and its inhabitance. Driving them to understand and cultivate that feeling for themselves and others and that is an effect that I do not believe can be overestimated.

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Its gonna be a social utopia….at least for a day. how i wish

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It would look like the Fourth of July and Christmas all wrapped up in a birthday present.

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“Why can’t those starving children dying from aids in Africa just be more loving?”

There’s so much that needs to happen before we can even entertain the notion.

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A sycophant’s paradise, probably.

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People are generally pretty nice to me most days. Nicer than I deserve, I think.

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If there were such a day,I would load my cameras to capture what I would want to show my grandchildren…about that day.

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It would be just the way it is.

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I would be so happy, it’d almost be scary, but I wouldn’t mind ‘cause happiness is extremely great and we all need that, especially love.

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This may sound slightly pollyannish, or naive, but it’s how I roll…

You—each and every one of you—who read this thread can do something in that direction. The best thing I can think to do is to spend one day doing just that—spend one day in a loving mode.

This is easy to do if you are surrounded by loved ones, family and friends. The challenge is to take this attitude out to the world at large. When you greet someone, a co-worker, a client, a customer, step your greeting up a notch. Think of the things you say. When you ask “How may I help you?” say it sincerely, and mean it. Instead of mindlessly saying “thanks.” when the cashier gives you change, thank him sincerely, because he is performing a service for you, whether he realizes it or not. Every person we meet in our day-to-day affairs is a human being, doing the same thing we are doing…trying to make the best we can for ourselves and our loved ones.

Take small steps, make a game of it. Try to make the next person you meet smile. If they don’t have a smile, give them one of yours.

Perform random acts of kindness.

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@Captain_Fantasy If warlords in Africa were loving for even one day, maybe food would get to those starving children. Maybe if we entertained this notion before being pessimistic, we’d actually accomplish something.

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Get the ball rolling and send me the date.

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It would be completely indiscernible from the average day, except maybe less traffic woes.

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So we are all in a big field. Loving one another.
Who is going to cook me dinner or do I? Or where do we go to the bathroom?
Porta-john people? Nope, wrapping themselves in the toilet paper of love.

So now I have to leave the love fest? And drive home. Where do I get gas? Station attendant? Nope, do’in la vida loca.. I’m not as lovey any more.
Shit I can’t cook dinner. There is no power. The utility people are huggi’n it up in the field.

Just cut myself chopping some carrots. Hospital? Nope, Field lov’in.

Or we love each other, even though some people have to go to their crappy jobs. And they will be crappy knowing where everyone else is going and doing. So we the lucky few can squeeze a few smiles out of one another.

That’s not fair.

So I go back to my original answer, we are already there. The best that we can.

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@ChazMaz I don’t think the OP meant that people ceased to do their jobs, instead becoming orgiastic hippies. In fact, I’d think that were people to be friendly towards man for a day, those people whose job it is to serve others would most definitely show up for work.

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Already doing that.

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