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What makes you unhappy, or happy, with the gender you are?

Asked by Sophief (6676points) April 30th, 2010

I like being female because of the great orgasms we can have. I like to feel protected my man. I like to feel a mans arms around me. I like to look after him and our home.

The only way I would like to be a man, just for a day, is to experience his sexual feelings, other than that I am happy being female.


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My girlfriend’s period pains are enough to make me satisfied with being a man.

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Nothing at all but if i’m being picky i’d absolutely love to have a lovely pert firm pair of tits.Wow i’d play with those beauties all the time.Wouldn’t wear an over the shoulder boulder holder (bra) neither, let it all hang out.Oooh i’d stare transfixed at my cleavage & ......ahem sorry getting a little carried away, moving on.

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@ucme Great answer, you would soon get bored though, maybe….?

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I’m happy that I am a woman because I have loved being pregnant and giving birth, breastfeeding, and being a mother.
Being a woman and able to be free of the pressures that men can feel to be macho.
Having a man appreciate me for my femininity, and lots of men like to show women how they feel about them, in good ways and also bad.
The bad parts about being a woman? periods, cramps, hot flashes and feeling vulnerable at times.

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This pretty much sums it up for me!~

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@Sophief Maybe after a few years when they looked more like spaniels ears, then yeah the novelty would probably wear off.

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@wilma Cute, thank you.

@Trillian Guess I missed a few things out!

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I generally appreciate having external plumbing – It is very convenient. I am grateful that I never have menstrual periods.

I would have adored being able to nurse my infant children from my own breasts.

I adore the feeling of being close to the softness of a woman’s body when cuddling or making love.

I would have loved to be freer to express my feelings of tenderness and sensitivity without the intolerance expressed by those afraid that having or expressing tender feelings might threaten their gender identity as a heterosexual male.

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@Dr_Lawrence Such a beautiful answer, thank you.

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Women got nature’s shaft: Periods, childbirth, emotions, menopause….....childbirth…periods…emotions…...

I’m fine with my gender, thanks.

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Do you mean sex or gender? They are not the same and your details are not clear.

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@tinyfaery I said gender, not sex.

@Blackberry Periods aren’t all that bad, but I can see where you are coming from with emotions and childbirth! But as man, instead of having to listen to women moaning about it, wouldn’t you like to experience it?

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Being able to pee standing up. No contest.

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Periods, menstruating and pregnancy are a result of someone’s sex not their gender.
Gender refers to norms of behavior. You said you like being protected by your man. That’s a gender preference. I am a female and have no desire to be protected by a man.

Get it straight and try again.

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I hate the fact that its a patriarchal society and I have to be part of it in many ways, I love the freedom of my biology.

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I like having the outdoor furniture. It’s also nice to go a week without shaving, and still be accepted socially.

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I kind of like getting paid more to do the same amount of work as a woman would.

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i hate the fact that its a patriarchal society and I have to be a part of it in many ways but love the freedom of my biology

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I am more than happy to be female, and so is my SO

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I’m happy with the person that I am, and that includes being a woman.

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I’d prefer to be neuter. Opt out of the game altogether.

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I love being a woman. I love having boobs, long hair and curves. I also love the fact that if you are feeling rough and looking tired you can easily hide this from your boss with some clever makeup.
plus flowwy skirts are the most comfortable things to wear on a summers day.
aaand if you are tired and cant be bothered to do something like open a jar, men love it when you ask them to do those kinds of favours for you. Its not that I cant – its that i cant be bothered!

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@bongo Nicely put also, thank you.

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@Cruiser One of these day, Alice. POW! Right in the kisser!

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@Cruiser Ditto… I am female!!

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I’m happy being female. Sure, Aunt Flo’s visits are occasionally an annoyance, but other than that, it’s all good.

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@tinyfaery gender and sex are all one package for me. I’m not sure I could separate them. How do you do it? Where do you draw the line?

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@wilma It’s just a dig at me, nothing else.

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I’m happy enough just being who I am on the inside! :-)

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@Trillian , @partyparty Sorry ladies!! ;D I didn’t make the rules even though I am know to bend them more often than not!!

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I like being a man… except for the baldness.

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It’s so funny that I came across this question! While soaking in a bath the other day, I was thinking about creating a blog where everyday I will write about a certain reason why it’s nice to be a woman.

Anywho I like that I smell good, all of my products make me smell delicious!
Women have a wonderful bond, so helping one another has no boundaries
We look good in any type of clothing, whether it be a beautiful dress, or a guy’s t shirt.
Our sexuality is more fluid.
Man, there are so many!!!

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@Sophief It’s not just a dig at you. My sex and gender don’t match; I’m having a hard time figuring out how to answer the question as you meant to ask it.

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I enjoy being a woman because I can defy any preconceptions about womanhood, while fulfilling them at the same time. I love to bridge the gender gap and just “be.”

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@IBERnineD Thank you for your answer, you are so right.
@ubersiren Thank you.

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@Blackberry gets my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I’m happy to be a female.

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i love having boobs. they’re so much fun. sometimes i feel bad because men don’t have a pair to play with at their leisure. well. i guess they have a pair but they aren’t very fun and they’re hairy.

i hate having a period because i get awful cramps that render me useless for an entire day every month. actually they’ve been better lately but they used to be absolutely awful.

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@ubersiren nice! I feel that way too.

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I like being female because women are generally more apt to embrace their emotions. Men have been traditionally taught to repress their emotions. Women seem to be more complicated but easier to figure out because they will simply tell you what the matter is.

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Can so enjoy @deni ‘s story about her boobs.

Have to always compensate for Jackass men.

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It is nice having your own boobs! ;-)

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@ChazMaz i trust it would be annoying always to be generalized about. men are not all pigs, clearly. look at you! ;)

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They are not all. True, but there are plenty. Being a man I tend to be on the inside of that information.

It catches me off guard, how cruel some men can be.
I can so understand the defensive nature of some women.

And, TY :-)

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@ChazMaz you handled that with style my friend!

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I think the best thing of being a woman for me is that I have boobs, a big black bootay! and I really love my body eventhough day after day I complain because I have Chicken Pox scars:/

The bad thing though I think is being on periods and it hurts alot!

Iam young but I think giving birth from your vagina is the painiest thing ever!!

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@Thesexier no, it is not the painiest ever. there are much worse kinds of painies ;)

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So you’re talking about sex, not gender even if you think they are interrelated, they are not the same thing. I was born and categorized as a female, I have all the parts and such – the gender that is attached to a body of a female doesn’t sit well with me, I don’t get the trajectory of ‘she’s got a vagina, therefore she is xyz, will like xyz, will want to be fucked in such and such a way but such and such person and will feel this and that’ – no, no thanks. So even though when you look at me you’d say ‘that’s a woman’, fine, but I will tell you I feel like a person, gender non-conforming because I absolutely can not say I love or hate being a woman and I absolutely can not say I want to be a man or anything like that. So I’m pretty happy being genderqueer.

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My only complaint is that I can’t pee standing up without getting piss all over my legs and feet.

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@Sophief Don’t flatter yourself. Gender and sex are separate things. One is biological and the other is cultural and very personal. People need to get it right. When I have something to say to you, I’ll address you.

@MacBean I lurve ya.

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“Gender and sex are separate things”
That is why Men should be called Penis and Women should be called Vagina.

Stops all the emotional nonsense. ;-)

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Well I have an Uncle Dick & an Aunt Fanny.Kind of simplifies things a touch.

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@ChazMaz It’s only nonsense to you.

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I like having my private parts be private.

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Easy one. How embarrassing other members of my gender can be because of their self-esteem and confidence issues. And by that I mean… wearing next to nothing, shamelessly whoring themselves out to multiple men who they’ve never met, bitching about and backstabbing their fellow females, etc.

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Reasons I like being female:
~More curvy
~Being able to create something within me
~Having more fun parts to be played with
~Get to wear skirts (I suppose boys can too but I like having hips)

Reasons I don’t want to be a boy:
~Erection in public

Reasons I’d try being a boy for a day:
~Peeing standing up
~Wearing button up shirts that aren’t ruined by boobage

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As a child, I wanted to be a boy, because they got to do all the fun things, and nobody teased them for taking off their shirt or climbing a tree, like they did me. But as I got older, I found out I ‘fit’ quite well as a woman.

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@jonsblond actually there is a way to pee standing up, so i hear. i almost mastered it one night last summer…

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@wilma could not say it any better! Ah…the joys of parenthood. The joys of womanhood.

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I like being female because of our grace, curvature, our mothering instincts and our natural ability to nurture. I enjoy wearing dresses and skirts, and I enjoy fashion.
I also enjoy purses, make-up, and shoes. ;)

I’m not fond of PMS, because I often become aggressive, which I am trying very hard to work around. I also wouldn’t mind my period if my craps weren’t so bad they made me feel sick.

I wouldn’t mind being a male for one day just to see the mindset you get from being a guy. I also wouldn’t mind seeing what it feels like to be pleasured as a male (either with my own hand or the help of a female companion.)

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I don’t know why you haven’t gotten a whole lot more “great question” points on this one. To me, this is one of the best and most interesting questions I’ve encountered here and I will have to ponder it a bit. Sadly, I will probably ponder it to the point where I become incapable of actually answering it.

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I would adore being a woman for a few days but only if my wife would be my lover. It would be even more amazing if she wanted to transform into a male for the same time period.

Women’s bodies are so magnificent. I can understand why so many female respondents to this question described how they revel in their curvaceousness and so greatly enjoy their own breasts. Oh how I would love to sample that experience!

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@tinyfaery I never said sex and gender was the same thing.

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You mix up the two.

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@tinyfaery I don’t know. I was simply saying what makes me happy to be a woman, just because I mentioned sex and having a man’s arm around me, doesn’t mean I mixed them up. But think whatever, you won’t drop it until you have the last word.

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@tinyfaery Shouldn’t the distinction be between anatomical gender and neural gender? If we are to remain consistent with the terms we use for animals, gender and sex are the same thing until we specify that the individual in question does not identify with their anatomical gender.

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I’m unhappy with the whole concept of gender. It’s divisive and a source of too much anxiety. There’s got to be a better way of reproducing.

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I will never make those assumptions. I will not adhere to this heteronormative fallacy.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Just have to say, I’m pretty happy with the way we reproduce now, discussions of gender aside.

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@deni I tried peeing standing up once last sumer and all it got me was poison ivy on my butt!

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My answer to this question is rather long, and is here
(something I initially wrote about 3 years ago)

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@downtide – I found that really moving. Thanks for sharing.

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@IBERnineD seriously? did you fall afterwords in the ivy? details please LOL

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@downtide Nice blog entry. Thanks foe sharing.

downtide's avatar

thank you everyone.

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@deni leaned against a tree covered in it

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@downtide Your blog is so moving and informative. I have never heard a trans’ story outside of clinical histories. Thanks for sharing!

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