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Why does my Macbook Pro have a grey frame instead of the black frame?

Asked by xTheDreamer (890points) April 30th, 2010

So I’ve just got a Macbook Pro 15inch and I notice that my Macbook Pro has a grey frame instead of the black frame that I’ve seen on many other Macbook Pro.

Why’s that? Is mine an old version of Macbook or what?

P.S I didn’t buy the Macbook, my uncle in the States bought it & I received it today.

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Click on the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen. Then click, ‘About This Mac’ There, it should list every detail about your computer.

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Do you mean like this?

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Do you mean a hardware frame or a frame around your screen?

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Apple logo on the top left, then “About this Mac”—“More Info…”, see the generation in the “Model Identifier”.

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You may have the previous generation model.
is your uncle named Ebineezer?
just kidding, it’s just as good! ;)
no really!

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Actually, it’s probably the antiglare screen. Your uncle would have had the choice of selecting a glossy or antiglare screen when he purchased the computer. Glossy ones reflect sunlight (and, in my personal experience, are horrible when reading outdoors) and have the black frame. Antiglare displays have the grey border.

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@xxii Is correct.

If it is the latest model, you have the anti-glare screen. Congratulations, your uncle is a smart man!

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Actually, it’s the newest model. Gizmodo will buy it off you for 10,000 bucks.

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