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Night sweats?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23976points) April 30th, 2010

I’ve been getting night sweats pretty badly lately, and I can’t figure out why. This is definitely not normal for me, I’m far from menopause (25), I don’t wear heavy clothes to bed, my sheets are cotton, etc. What gives? Is this something that I should be concerned about? Are there any other women around my age who have experience with this?

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I would talk to your doctor- it could be thyroid, hormonal or a myriad of things. There’s just so much that it could be.

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It could be almost anything. Night sweats are a common symptom of many diseases ranging from relatively inconsequential to life-threatening. See your doctor, who will be able to find any other symptoms and narrow down the cause for you.

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Are you pregnant? I got them all the time while preggers.

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I got them while pregnant and then regularly in my late thirties.
Oh wait I was pregnant then too!

It is probably something you should see your Dr. about if they continue.

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See the doctor… rule out anything serious…then….if you are in PDX…

just march yourself over to the OCOM Acupuncture college Student Clinic or the Naturopathic college which also has a Student Clinic——they charge lower fees and can probably figure out what is going on with you. I was cured of an “incurable” disease with acupuncture at the Student Clinic. PDX has the best alternative medicine.

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I’ve had these periodically as well and I know I’m not pregnant. Could also be stress. Try to take a bath and relax before bed… see if that helps.

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I agree with everyone else about seeing a doctor. But if your not pregnant or maybe on your cycle or ovalating then it could be anything. But try to rule out other things. Like maybe its to humid in your home right now or the sheets are too heavy, or your being very active in your sleep, or even some medications you may be on. Right now I’m going through night sweats but I know its because I started a pretty intense work out routine and it tends to make my body hot all day and at night I especially feel hot because I’m laying on a mattress. Its usually like that for me till I get use to the routine and stay pretty well hydrated.

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it’s also a signal of fibromyalgia if you have associated pain.

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I had them for a few months when I was around 30. I would be drenched in sweat and by the time I woke up I was freezing cold. I never figured out exactly why, but I am pretty sure it was hormonal. Either the BC I was on (the patch) or something else going on b/c I got pregnant shortly thereafter (while on BC) and the sweats stopped.

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@all Not pregnant, not taking birth control or any other medication. I guess I’ll make an appointment to be on the safe side, because I can’t figure out why it’s happening.

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It could be one of many causes. In any case, go see your doctor.

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A movie directed by Percy Peration?

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I started getting them in my twenties too. Unfortunately, I still get them, but only for three or four nights before my period. It’s definitely hormonal.

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Is the weather is warm? try not wearing anything to bed, your 25, you don’t need to wear clothes.

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A lot of caffeince or sugar in your system and sometimes high blood pressure.

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I agree with @Neizvestnaya….I get that way when I eat too much sugar. (I had forgotten that.)

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Also agree with @Neizvestnaya I was going to say that in my previous answer but had a brain fart and couldn’t think of the right wording.

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I don’t think there’s anything to worry about with these night sweats. I get night sweats pretty much all the time, due to a really high metabolism. High metabolic rates increase the amount of heat one emits (thermogenesis), so this can cause night sweats. Metabolism can fluctuate around and is based on a lot of factors (people mentioned pregnancy and caffeine, both of which would speed up metabolism,though caffeine effects are usually slight). Some other common factors that can shift metabolism are diet chages (more protein, or more frequent eating), psychological state (more stress, anxiety, or nervousness would increase rate), or even weather changes (depending on where you live, there was a recent cold snap a week or so ago). If any of these have recently been factors for you, they could be part of the cause for night sweats. Hope this helps!

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