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Where can i find a short film class / workshop?

Asked by agent355 (16points) April 30th, 2010

hey, I actually have a B.A. in media and a bit of experience and i’m looking for a short (not more then 6 months) class / workshop anywhere in the world.
something practical, not theoratical.
thank you!

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Are there not trade journals in your industry?

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Anywhere in the world? There are short film courses at Singapore’s LASALLE College of the Arts – you can look at the list of short courses here.

Otherwise: New York Film Academy / University of Melbourne’s short courses in film

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well, anywhere that i can get in to with an israeli / EU passport, i have no idea what “trade journals in your industry” mean.
i would rather stay in the EU area, i may be able to handle french, but i’d rather have the class itself in english

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Maybe these links might help: – supposed to be one of the top film schools in the UK

Bear in mind that I’m not sure how accredited these institutions are, so you may need more specialised information for that.

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What aspects of film making are you interested in? That might “direct” your choice of program. Independent film production? Directing? Screenwriting? Cinematography? Pre-Production, Production, Post-production (editing, etc.) Image, sound, special effects, animation? It’s a big film world out there.

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@lillycoyote you are absolutely right, and i apologize for that, i’m looking for directing courses, between 2–6 months long which are more like workshops, i wanna get a few short films outta the experience, something nyfa-style.

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did anyone find anything exotic? i found a film school in prague but i’d like to hear some more options

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