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Why does my boyfriend cover his mouth with his tshirt sometimes? Usually it's when he's concentrating.

Asked by janedelila (3904points) April 30th, 2010

If he sees me notice, he pulls it down. I’ve asked, he says he’s always done it, he doesn’t know why.

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It smells April fresh? Its probably a nervous habit from childhood. Babies like to pull their blankets up to their faces and familiar smells help them feel comforted. It probably helps relax his mind.

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People have all kinds of weird quirks. That’s probably just one of his.

… or he’s an alien inside a human shell and the alien has to come out for air sometimes and it comes out through his mouth so he covers it with his shirt and he does this when he’s “concentrating” but he’s not really concentrating because he’s really not alive because the alien that controls him is on a break.

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I can tell you that I do it because it helps me relax. The warm breath goes back and hits your neck/chest rather than just continuing forward through the air, it makes me feel a bit more aware of my breathing, and encourages me to calm it down.

I can’t specifically tell you why he does it, though. Only he can.

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Somewhere in his learning history, this behaviour was associated with a favourable (good result) outcome and was thus reinforced. Repeating this behaviour while performing challenging task in which he was also successful further reinforced this incidental behaviour.

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I often use touch to help me memorize information. There is some research that suggests involving more than one sense at a time can improve learning/memorization. It’s also, for me, a great way to stay grounded so I don’t daydream. (Source)

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I hope he is stickin his tongue out at you…..

Sorry, I just had to. :)

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I do it, too. Sometimes I cover my nose as well. Now that I think about it, it is always when I’m concentrating. I had no idea this was a habit for anyone other than me, so I never thought about why I do it. Interesting. I like @Sarcasm‘s theory.

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So do I… it’s a form of yoga/stretching for me….like when I put my knee’s in my shirt and stretch it.

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I cover my nose and face with my hand when I’m in a conversation with someone. It is my subtle way to tell them to “STFU” while I think.

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Don’t know, people have their little quirks. It sounds pretty harmless to me. Does it get on your nerves or are you just curious?

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It just sounds like one of those unconscious things people do. Some people twirl their hair, chew on a pen, or do that funny (and somewhat annoying if it’s in Church) knee bounce thing.

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So much better than biting his nails or pulling his eyebrows out.

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