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Please point me towards films, shows, and stories about Survival or outdoorsmanship.

Asked by Zone36 (416points) May 1st, 2010

10 years after its release I finally watched Castaway. It was okay, but I was hoping for more survival discovery.

I’ve read and watched things like Alone in the Wilderness.
I also liked the Survivorman series.

I’d prefer is the stories were true accounts of someone’s survival from being stranded or lost.

As for film and tv, it can be fictional as long as it’s believable.
(Like no Lost or Survivor)

There was this show in the UK called Castaway 2000, it was kind of set up like Survivor, but they were actually meant to build a community there as if they were settling.

Other survival stories like plane crashes in the mountains, or lost in the mountains. I remember seeing a documentary on PBS where 3 hikers lost a member in the mountains, and he managed to get back to them before they left him for dead.

Or even some thing Like Alone in the Wilderness would be great. Just someone showing how they managed to make their own life away from everything.

Also not really a fan of Bear Grylls.

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Alive (1993)
Uruguayan rugby team stranded in the snow swept Andes are forced to use desperate measures to survive.

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Lord of the flies

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well, i just got survivor by chuck pallanihuk , although i doubt that helps a lot (planecrash, but chuck is… well… difficult)
there is open water (2003) (again, not a good idea) and “into the wild” (2007). haven’t seen both so i dunno how much outdoorsmanishness you’ll see there

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I Shouldn’t Be Alive is freaking awesome. You said that you prefer true accounts of surviving after being stranded or lost. That’s exactly what this is.

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Into the Wild directed by Sean Penn

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RAY MEARS! He is the best wilderness survival guy ever. He has loads of shows.

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@thriftymaid Good movie although i’d have had issues with eating a stiff’s ass. @lucillelucillelucille Ahh Robert Redford with a beard you could lose a badger in,good movie though.

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@ucme I guess we all would

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@Zone36 I have always been interested in the same topic. There is always the “Worst Case” Survival books see here

And you might find this site interesting as well.

You didn’t specify if you wanted wilderness survival or just how to survive a variety of unusual situations so there is one of each above.

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Touching the Void
Grizzly Man
Into Thin Air

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Survivorman, Les Stroud is the real deal and it is really fun to watch.

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You could check out Pioneer Quest. It’s the only reality TV show I could manage, where four people are sent out in the prairies of Western Canada and made to live like the settling pioneers who eventually founded the place.
They have to build their own house, get their own food, tend to the garden, cattle and chickens and all. They do this for a year, throughout all four seasons, and it’s all real, nothing fancy or flashy, so I thought it was interesting to watch. A lot of the people can’t hack it. Getting bit by mosquitos all day, freezing your ass off in Winter.

Any drama which occurs isn’t pansy Survivor bullshit, it’s all real. Like maybe some people don’t get along, they get in fights and shit, but they have no choice but to try and get along if they’re gonna survive.

Obviously, if someone gets hurt or sick, they get the proper treatment in a hospital and all, and animals like cows and chickens are supplied to them, as well as some building material and tools, (Nothing modern though, mostly hammers and nails, and a saw.) I mean it is a TV show, but it’s as real as it’s gonna get for survival, at least as aired live on TV. :/

Although I haven’t watched it in ages, I’m not even sure if it’s still active…

sheepish grin, facepalm

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@Symbeline There were several graet series on PBS that wre similar to that. One was set in Colonial American times and one was also based on pioneer survival in the Amrican west. There is also an English one based on Regency times and another called 1900 House. All are very good.

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@janbb I might like to check some of those out, it’s always neat to see how modern people cope with that kinda stuff. I know I’d fail miserably anyways lol.

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They were all really good; particularly, for a change, the American ones. The colonial one had a great deal to say about group dynamics and the pioneer one showed a lot about family dynamics. Let me know if can’t find them on the site and I will try to track down the names.

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Ah, I love Castaway. When he knocks his tooth out with the ice skate though….seriously….I have to cover my mouth and try not to gag/puke. Otherwise i really love Into the Wild. I prefer the book over the movie but the movie is great too.

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alrite i got a very very very very good film for you buddy.

you can mark me as an great question afterwards, i grantee ya>;)

the film its called “the road”
i mean this film might start getting you thinking that the stuff in the movie might just happen to all of us. and…...i dont wanna spoil it(but i want to) it is that good O_O!!!

watch it with someone your close with u might just learn something:)

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