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Has anyone ever lived in Cornwall, if so, how was it?

Asked by Sophief (6681points) May 1st, 2010

Have you ever lived in Cornwall? Whereabouts did you live? Was it peaceful?

We are thinking of moving down there and wondered what it was like from a different perspective?


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Have never lived there, but have spent about 6 weeks a year for the last 14 years down there in a tiny village called Holywell which is around 8 mIles away from Newquay. It’s absolutely beautiful, hence the amount of time I’ve spent there, the people are great , the beach is beautiful (they shot a 007 movie on it) and the surf is awesome! If I didn’t want to disappear to Eastern Europe so much, I’d move there like a shot :-)

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@OreetCocker Thank you for that.

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No problem, it’s a great place that is not peppered with tourists! Have a look on line, it’s full of thatched cottages and a couple of old pubs :-)

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@OreetCocker I will do. We are wanting a cottage or something like that.

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There are lots of small villages surrounding it that are full of beautiful cottages. If tourist season isn’t an issue for you then Mousehole is also worth a look as are the the villages toward Sennen.

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@OreetCocker Thank you, it’s helped a lot.

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Cornwall is on one of my DVDs of Two Fat Ladies. It was beautiful; I was impressed.

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