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Which iPod do you have?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) March 12th, 2008

iPod nano 3rd generation. Watch movies at school (only during break, of course)

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Nano 8GB silver

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had a mini… Stolen then got a video… Stolen and the iPhone stays in sight always.

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first gen nano with Nike +

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I have the 4th Generation iPod (introduced way back in 2004).

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I have 2nd gen shuffle, 3rd gen nano, and iPhone.

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1st gen shuffle 1gig, 1st gen nano 2gig, 80 gig video, and iPhone. Super, will have to start saving for what ever is coming next.

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iTouch 8 GB

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iPod 5G (30Gb) Black one

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I had a nano, 4GB. Now I’ve got the iPhone as well.

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Which DON’T I have! They keep coming out with better ones and I keep buying them!!!

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I have the one with a phone in it.

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gen 1 nano 4GB black

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ipod touch 16GB

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mini, 30gb video, 8gb nano, iPhone ;P
your probably wondering why so many
I thought the mini was a goner then it magically started working again, bought the video which I have a great iPod deck in my car which controls the ipod just like it was in the palm of your hand, nano for the gym, iPhone just because I got for a great deal at 250 :)

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Shuffle 2nd generation(for the gym), 80g iPod video(for the car), and iPhone. Dont c much need for any thing else for a long time.

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i have a zune.

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@jamzzy, that sucks

as for me i have the second gen shuffle 1GB, second gen nano in black 8GB, black ipod classic 80GB, and 8GB iPhone

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@waterskier2007 i love my zune =D

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30gb 5th gen (Video), but I’m planning on buying the Touch.

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2 gen iPod touch. Doesn’t leave my side.

Red Shuffle

Green 2 gen nano

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