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How do I make a good 2hr Animation Movie fun even though there won't be Fancy Camera work?

Asked by joscketSeper (323points) May 1st, 2010

HI guys.

I’m making a movie. I made a descent story that i think is fun and the story is driven by action and conversation( subtitles because dont have voice actors or i might do it myself but i suck at speaking), but it will mostly be BG pics and the characters on top of that. So there
won’t be alot of camera animation.

Can a movie still be fun even without any camera movement?
Some people say 3D needs camera movement to look realistic.

Reason i won’t do too much camera anim, is cause i would have to render a lot and it would take long time. I dont really care about fancy camera work cause i think the story is most important, so i’m just doing bg pics

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Look at Nick Park’s claymation (Wallace and Gromit.) The lead ) Gromit) doesn’t ever speak and the animation is not provided by the camera but by the tiny adjustments of the characters.

I feel that Gromit is a personal friend.

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If it’s a good story, that’s half the battle. Make sure you have a compelling story!

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I think fancy camera work is overrated. Having too many fancy camera tricks can take away from what’s actually going on. My suggestion is to set up two or three interesting camera angles that show everything you want and swap between them.

Just a question: what program will you be using for this?

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I use DAZ studio and Final cutExpress 3.5 for editing

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Ah, okay. I don’t know much about DAZ. I use Maya for 3D animation and it takes just as long to render frames with different camera work as it does for straight shots. xD That might just be a program difference, though.

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meh, fancy camera tricks are overrated, if you think you may lose interest then try simple camera movements such as panning

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