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Are ginger haired people a race?

Asked by buttonmoon (26points) May 1st, 2010

There is a debate going on in my house right now as to whether or not ginger haired, pale, freckly people are a race or not, my boyfriend a ginger believes that they are, my mum not a ginger believes they aren’t

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There isn’t such thing as Ginger haired people! I just think it’s very stupid for people to call red heads GINGERS!
There is no race in that

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Only if brunettes and blondes are their own race. In other words, no.

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This all started with a South Park episode, and now a controversial rap or hip hop video that’s out.

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What!!! (and I saw the South Park show—remember, it’s comedy/farce/social commentary/humor).

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gingers are a race, shhhhhhh it’s like a secret (somewhat secret society).

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Or course not. My oldest granddaughter has Ginger hair but neither my daughter nor my son-in-law do. So tell me how two brunette people could create a child of a different race. I have blue eyes and my wife has brown eyes. Would you consider us a biracial couple?

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My neighbor has blonde hair, her husband coal black hair. Of their three children, two have black hair like the father, the third is a fiery redhead. One daughter with black hair married a man with dark brown hair. Their baby has fiery red hair like her aunt. In the family tree, the the red hair enters the gene pool from the father’s side of the family; his great-grandmother had fiery red hair. Both she and her husband were born in Ireland, so perhaps the question is, is there a Gaelic or Celtic race?

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Apparently it’s not just the hair that dictates it but also the pale complexion, freckles and sensitivity to the sun

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Is it the Indy 500? Or maybe the kentucky derby, not sure.

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They’re genetic traits that often go together, but I don’t think I’d call that a race. I think there would need to be a few more differences than just freckles and hair color to be considered a separate race.

Besides, I thought back in 2002 the Human Genome project established that race, genetically, does not exist.

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Really sorry to say this, but you’re dating a moron. Or maybe he’s just seen too many South Park episodes.

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Ginger is a cat, not a race.

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Having ginger hair would make showers tedious.

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My Irish mother has red hair, hazel/green eyes, pale skin and freckles. My Italian father has brown hair and eyes, tan skin, no freckles. I have brown hair/eyes, pale skin and freckles. What does that make me?

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A race? No. Genetic descendants of a certain group of people? Sure. My maternal grandmother was a ginger. She’s got some Celt in her ancestry.

South Park just brought it to the US to make fun of it. I mean, look at this. People over in the UK being unkind to gingers has been going on for a loooong time. Ignorant, superstitious people in the past saw gingers as spawns of Satan. A Welsh proverb says, “Os bydd goch, fe fydd gythreulig,” or “If he’s red-haired, then he is of the devil.”

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<< Redheaded, pasty white, freckled. Not a race. Not spawn of Satan I think.

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I (not red haired), am a big fan of red haired people. I don’t think that the name ginger is a good word for describing the colour of red hair. Real ginger is more the colour of sand, and would be better used in the describing of sandy haired people.
I deplore the casual disparaging and discrimination that I have observed being meted out to red haired people. I think it shameful that there isn’t a bigger outcry against such unfairness.
As for being a race,.. I would have no objection to any claim of such being made by a red haired person. For me, there exists enough physical distinction to justify such a claim – if that is what is wanted. Equally, I would support the claim of any red haired person to belong to no such thing.
Either way, red hair is cool. And it’s about time that we stopped pretending that it is not.

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@LunaChick Similar to me. ;)

Red haired, curly haired people, such as myself, are usually a combination of nationalities. Just like everyone else is.

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Thanks, for the record he’s not a moron, it was just interesting to observe the debate between him and his future mother-in-law…mother-in-law 1 fiancee 0. He has orange hair and calls himself ginger, he isn’t offended by it…although I think he experienced some bullying when he was younger I love his hair.

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