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How long do you think it will be before the mp3 format is superseded?

Asked by lozza (307points) March 12th, 2008 from iPhone

Online jukebox streaming? Subscription service? New file format?

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egh i cant stand ogg or FLAC they aren’t compatible enough yet

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this is an interesting question…there have been several compression formats around for a while (ogg vorbis and flac are great examples) that not only offer better sound quality but also smaller file sizes as well…

However, it’s really hard to compete with a format that has such wide interoperability and acceptance (mp3)

It sucks to know there are many better options out there that will not be widely adopted because of entrenched systems/vendors

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aac has no chance. i personally hate the sound quality

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it already has. Would you buy a music player that only plays mp3s?

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When it becomes viable and practical to quickly and easily share cd quality audio at which point some loss-less format will probably win out.

because 124kbps rips just don’t cut it.

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MP3 already has been superseded—by ogg vorbis, FLAC, and AAC.

@ishotthesheriff: the people who have purchased over one billion songs from the iTunes music store clearly disagree.

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i’d say that’s b/c most people on itunes are 16 year old girls buying 50-cent and kanye west albums/songs and can’t really tell the difference.

but yeah, aac is obviously used a lot b/c of itunes & iPods.
i just don’t like it.

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It’s also used in DVD’s and BluRay.

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