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Advice on expanding/stretching ear piercings (see details!)

Asked by SamIAm (8703points) May 1st, 2010

I just bought these cool swirl earrings and they aren’t very thick but they do not fit through the holes in my ear (regular piercing that I had done when I was like 3). Is there a good, and not too painful way to stretch my ears? I thought maybe trying to push the earrings through after a shower would be a good idea.

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Woah woah woah…. Slow down. What gauge are your ears currently pierced and what is the gauge of the new jewelry? You need to slowly stretch them out but following sizes. Most piercers pierce with a 18, 16 or 14ga needle.

Now, if they are the correct size, the best time to stretch them is in or right after the shower like you said. Your ears are soft and stretchy at that point.

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get a taper. it will probably hurt a bit but its the mot effective way and far less painful that just shovin the new ones in.

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@Randy is right… this all depends on the size of the jewelry you’re trying to fit, and what gauge you currently have. A taper is a great idea, secured with o-rings. Massage your earlobe (i’ve heard using vitamin E or olive oil is beneficial.. but I’m not positive that’s true) prior to stretching. It can hurt, or it can just be a bit uncomfortable.. it really depends on the person and how much you are trying to stretch your lobe. In any event, there should NOT be blood. If your ear bleeds, you should stop and wait for your tissue to heal before attempting again.

Good luck :)

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Advice: Don’t

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I agree with @uberbatman. Get a taper that goes from the size you have now to the size you are trying to put in. If it’s a big difference, you may need to get a piece of jewelry in between the 2 sizes for a few days so that you don’t tear your ears.

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if its only a size bigger or less just push it through with some vaseline on it. shouldn’t be too hard. if its any bigger than that then get a taper. i like the curved ones. i never wore the long ones but they seem/look really uncomfortable.

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