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Is there a way to sync the default calendar on the iphone to google calendar?

Asked by Narl (1799points) May 1st, 2010

Most of the time, I make arrangements and appointments when I am on the go. I love the default calendar in my iphone and always use it. I would love it if someone can tell me how to upload this info to my google calendar. Is it possible? How?

BTW, sorry for the iphone question. I know many of you get annoyed by them.

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Do you use a Mac or a PC? If you use a Mac, you can easily set your iTunes setting to sync your iPhone calendar with the iCal application on your computer. From there I can help you out further with syncing your iCal to your Google Calendar. If you use a PC it is still doable but marginally more complicated.

Otherwise, you can bypass the calendar application on your iPhone completely. There are three ways to do this:
a) Third-party apps that provide an interface through which you enter events into your Google Calendar
b) Navigating to Google Calendar on your iPhone ( to input appointments there
c) Downloading Google Sync and using their Calendar mini-app

Edit: This seems like a much more convenient way to do things than all the above suggestions, but I haven’t tried it myself.

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@xxii – The last bit is exactly what I have done, and I can report that it works a treat. All my Google calendars are on my iPhone, I can shift from one to the other and it syncs on its own. w00t!

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@aprilsimnel – Glad I could help!

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@xxii thanks so much. That link worked perfectly!

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Sorry, I wasn’t paying much attention and thought @aprilsimnel was the original question-asker. In any case, thanks for the affirmation, @aprilsimnel, and I’m glad my solution helped you @Narl.

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